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How to Add Store Locations to a Facebook Page


The data speaks for itself. Local Facebook Pages receive 66 percent of content impressions and 72 percent of engagements compared to corporate portfolio pages. Having pages for each store location on Facebook is a must. Every business and store added on Facebook is represented by a Page. Before adding store locations to your Facebook Page, your multi-location business must already have the main Page created. Facebook lays out step-by-step instructions on creating the primary Facebook Page that will represent your business here. 


Once you have your business’s Facebook Page set up, you can begin adding store locations. To set up your stores with Facebook:

  • Open Store Locations in Facebook’s Business Manager
  • Select the Facebook Page that you would like to add store locations too
  • Under “Manage Store Details,” select “add stores.”
  • You can then begin adding a store location. The store location will have the name of your central Facebook Page along with the location. 


There are four ways you can add a store location once you get to this step. 

  1. You can add a store location manually. Facebook recommends this for businesses with less than ten store locations. 
  2. Multi-location businesses can also add multiple store locations at once through a spreadsheet template. You can find more details on that here. Uploading your store locations through a spreadsheet is recommended for companies with more than 10 locations. 
  3. If you already have an existing location not connected to your main Facebook page, you can also select the location and connect it. 
  4. Finally, you can connect a page via API. This option is best suited for developers who can use the API to add store details automatically.


Once you have completed adding the store location, you can select the “Download Locations” button to get an excel spreadsheet of all the business locations connected to your Facebook page. When adding your store locations, it’s important to ensure that the information included is the most updated and accurate business information to avoid consumer confusion. To edit any of the details included on your store locations, go back to the “Manage Store Details,” select the store you would like to edit, and begin making changes such as editing store hours and making temporary service changes.

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