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Gleaning Insights from Reviews


As a brand, your reputation is everything. One of the ways to uncover how people feel about your brand is by tracking the sentiment in online reviews. Gleaning insights from reviews require analyzing the unstructured text of reviews in order to identify trending topics that you should be paying attention to.


Is poor product quality a frequent complaint in the online reviews posted about your company? How about employee friendliness? Using tagging or automated textual and sentiment analysis tools, you can quickly uncover trending topics and related sentiment. This can be done for a single store location or across multiple store locations.


Because all online reviews are timestamped, you can track how trends emerge, grow, diminish, and change over time. Are your stores more likely to receive negative reviews on the weekends or weekdays? Is there a certain time of day when especially positive reviews are posted online?


Insight analysis tools can tell you when there is a trend of reviews in a certain region. For example, if reviewers in the Southeast region are increasingly complaining about your brand’s rude customer service, then that is information that you would want to get to regional managers and any other store managers in that region. With knowledge of what consumers are posting online, store managers can start emphasizing courtesy right away and retrain any problematic staff members.


Gleaning insights from reviews also involve competitor benchmarking. With the latest tools, brands can get actionable insights to jump ahead of competitors.


Companies like SOCi can help implement the latest insight analysis tools to improve the way your brand listens, responds to, and takes action based on online reviews.


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