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How Bing Search Works


Looking to improve your search ranking on Bing? Making simple changes to your website can have a big impact. In this article, you will learn how Bing search works and which factors influence how your website ranks.


Although Bing doesn’t carry the weight that Google does in the minds of most brand marketers, it is still worth paying attention to how Bing search works. Bing is the second most used search engine, and it can be an important channel for brands that are trying to tap into local search.


Most search optimization techniques are the same on Bing as they are on Google. If your web pages are consistently ranking on the first page of results for relevant keywords on Google, then you are probably doing well on Bing.


Backlinks play a role in how your webpage ranks in both Google and Bing search. According to Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines, links pointing to a website help the search engine discover new pages on your site. Traditionally, backlinks have also been considered a sign of popularity. High-quality organic links from relevant and trusted websites are a signal that Bing can trust your content.


On-page aspects may play an even more important role in Bing search than on Google. The on-page aspects that Bing pays particular attention to are exact match domains, exact keyword usage in title tags and meta descriptions, and the quality of content.


If your content is formatted and presented in a way that is clear, and it is easy to distinguish your content from ads, then you will make the cut on Bing search. Your brand might also see an improvement in rankings if you add relevant images with descriptive alt text to your content. Like Google, Bing also prefers when brands use schema markup, since schema helps the search engine understand your content.


To learn more about ranking in Bing search, review the Bing Webmaster Guidelines.


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Bing Local Results


Like Google, Bing also offers its own local content to searchers who are looking for businesses and other nearby places. The Bing Places platform is where businesses can go to manage their store information as it appears in Bing’s local results. As with organic search, many of the same practices for optimizing profiles in Google My Business also apply to Bing Places. Bing generally has fewer features to optimize than Google does, however, and it’s important to note that Bing reviews are mostly powered by Yelp.

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