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How to Advertise Your Local Business on Google


Online advertising is a highly-effective tool for brands with local storefronts, and the most popular online advertising platform right now is Google. 


Google is home to a range of products designed to help businesses advertising locally online. Which of these products will be most effective depends on the type of business and the number of locations.


When it comes to advertising a local business on Google, the best place to begin is by creating a Google profile. Google My Business profiles are free to use and they are very effective for helping businesses stand out. Make sure to enter the business hours, locations, and phone numbers for each of your stores, in order to start showing up on Google Search and Maps. From there, you can keep customers updated with Posts, set up online bookings, and get insights into your Business Profile.


Additional tools can also help you create business landing pages, with unique web addresses, and videos to showcase your business.


If your goal is to reach as many customers as possible in the communities where your stores are located, then the next product you may want to try is Google Ads. Google Ads show up when people are looking for local businesses on Search and Maps. Unlike offline advertising, with Google Ads you only pay when people click onto your website or call your business directly.


Google’s local advertising products compliment each other, so you can track your performance and manage your online leads from within a unified dashboard. If you’re a service provider, like a company that specializes in cleaning, moving,or construction, you can also sign up to start using Local Services ads.


To learn more about all of the services that Google offers to local businesses, click here.

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