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How to Create a Google Post

Google Posts are an effective tool for driving online engagement and promoting your business. Whether you’re looking to show off a special product or just let people know what’s going on at your store, creating a Google Post is a free way to generate interest.


Before you can create a Google Post, you need to establish your Google Business Profile. With a Business Profile set up, you can get to work creating posts to publicize special offers, events, products or services. Your posts will appear in Google Search and Maps.


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To create a Google Post, follow these steps:


Step 1: Login to Google with the account you use to manage your Business Profile.


Step 2: Find your Business Profile by searching for your exact business name on Google.


Step 3: When your business name pops up, click “Promote” and select the type of post you want to create.


Step 4: Write your post in the dialog box.


Step 5: To publish your post, click “Publish” in the top right corner.


Before your post goes live, Google’s internal team will review it to make sure it meets the company’s content policy. If it does, your post will show up on Google Search and Maps. If your post is not approved, a question mark will appear next to the status display in your Business Profile. Click on the question mark to see which content policy the post violates. You can then make the necessary edits and resubmit your post for publishing.

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