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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile Attributes for Restaurants


As a multi-location marketer, you can leverage your Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, to manage your business’s online presence across Google. If your business doesn’t already have Google Business Profiles for each business location, that’s an excellent place to start. After creating Google Business Profiles, your business can begin to update them with as much information about each business location as possible, including adding attributes. Attributes allow multi-location companies to identify specific services, features, and other essential qualities the business location has. Attributes can vary depending on the industry, but for this piece, we’ll focus on optimizing them for the restaurant industry. 


Attributes and the Restaurant Industry 


Like hotels and retail, the restaurant industry is a highly differentiated vertical in Google. As mentioned in Street Fight, “In many ways, restaurant results look like any other listing, with a few differentiating features such as special filters for ratings, cuisine, price, and hours. The real growth area for restaurant verticalization has been with takeout and delivery, increasingly housed within Google’s own platform.” With this differentiation comes various attributes diners can choose from when optimizing their local listings in Google Business Profile. 


Attributes specific to the restaurant industry include: 

  • Dine-In
  • Takeout
  • Delivery
  • No Contact Delivery – this attribute was helpful during the height of COVID-19 when diners were looking for restaurants they could purchase from and receive their food without any in-person interaction. 


While these attributes are specific to the restaurant industry, there are a variety of other attributes that businesses in all industries can select. Get a more comprehensive list of Google Business Profile attributes here. Note that Google adds and modifies available attributes from time to time, so what you see in your own Google Business Profile may differ.


How to Add Attributes to Your Google Business Profile 


Now that you understand the attributes your restaurant brand can choose from, it’s time to start updating them. To add one, simply login to your Google Business Profile and follow these steps

  • Select “info” on the left-hand column of your profile for the location you want to manage 
  • Select “Add Attributes” and click “Edit.” 
  • Look through the attributes available, click the ones you want to add and select “Apply.”


Once you have added your attributes, you can then look at your local listings to ensure that they have been added correctly. The easiest way to view your published attributes is to check the About tab on the mobile version of your listing. The more information a consumer can find about your restaurant without having to navigate away from your local listing, the better. As a multi-location marketer, optimizing your attributes and including as much relevant information as possible is vital.

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