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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile Attributes for Service Businesses


Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business,  is an essential marketing tool for service businesses. Free Business Profiles allow you to take charge of users’ first impressions and highlight essential information about what makes your service business unique.


One of the most important components in any Google Business Profile is attributes. Attributes are descriptors about what services your business offers, so potential customers can get a clearer understanding of what you do. Attributes include specific services, as well as characteristics that customers might look for before deciding whether to visit a physical location. 


The attributes you include in your Google Business Profile appear on the Knowledge Panel on organic search results, directly above your business address, and underneath your primary information in Google Maps. Clicking on a Google  Business Profile on Maps will show you the attributes for that business, listed directly above the address.


Attributes help you advertise the services your business offers, and they help ensure that your listing shows up in local search results. Certain attributes apply broadly across most businesses, however some attributes are limited by business type. For example, “vegetarian options” and “spicy food” are attributes that you might see listed for a restaurant brand. However, those types of attributes wouldn’t be available for a retail store or a medical office. Service businesses have their own set of attributes to choose from, which we will learn more about below.


Adding Google Business Profile Attributes for Service Businesses


Adding and editing Business Profile attributes is quite simple. To add an attribute to your Business Profile, follow these steps:


  1. Open the Business Profile Manager Dashboard on an Android phone or tablet.
  2. Tap “Profile > View all”
  3. Locate “Attributes” and click “Edit”
  4. Select the attributes you wish to add, then click “Apply”


New attributes should quickly begin showing up when customers search for your business on Google Search and Maps.


The majority of service businesses will have no trouble selecting Business Profile attributes based on the services they offer. If there are any characteristics that fall into a grey area, it’s best to consider how customers perceive your business. As a service provider, attributes are the ideal place to show a list of your business services, so customers can get the information they need to choose you.


Optimizing Business Profiles with Attributes


Selecting the appropriate attributes is a key part of completing your Google Business Profile. Unlike other areas of your profile, such as business name or contact information, selecting the right attributes may take a bit more time and thought. 


If you are interested in optimizing your Business Profile attributes, keep these strategies in mind:


Only Choose Categories that Match Your Offerings

As a service business, you should be careful not to select any attributes that don’t match your current offerings. For example, if you are an electronics repair business, select “Electronics Repair” only. Do not select “Electronic Parts Supplier.” Although you may supply electronics parts, this is not a standalone offering. Attributes should only be selected if they are standalone offerings.


Don’t Confuse Categories with Attributes

This is a common mistake that service businesses make when filling out their Business Profiles. Be sure not to confuse categories with attributes. These are separate sections. The category you select will determine which attributes you can select from. Attributes are generally more granular than categories, highlighting special features like “free wi-fi” or “24-hour service calls.”


Review the Suggested Attributes from Users

Did you know that Google users have the ability to suggest attributes for businesses? You will be notified when new attributes are added via your Business Profile Manager dashboard. It’s a good idea to stay on top of your Business Profile, and visit your dashboard regularly, to make sure that suggested attributes align with the services that your business offers.


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