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Local Pack, Finder, and Search: Differences Explained


As a multi-location business, knowing what appears on the search engine results page (SERP) when online users are searching locally for your business’s products or services is valuable. When you’re on a search engine, specifically Google, the three main types of local search results are the Local Pack, Local Finder, and local organic search


In this article, we’ll detail what appears on Google’s local search results and the main differences between the three mentioned above. We’ll also give a few critical tips on how you can optimize your Google profiles and local listings to rank higher and attract more consumers.


Local Pack, Local Finder, and Local Organic Search Explained


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The Local Pack and Local Finder are technically a part of local organic search results. Let’s get started with the Local Pack.


Local Pack


The Local Pack, also known as the Google 3-Pack, is a group of three local business listings that display on the SERP for desktop and mobile when online users search locally for a particular service or business. A map showing the location of each business often accompanies the Local Pack. To the left of the map or below is essential NAP (name, address, and phone number) information about each business. You’ll also see links to their website, a directions button, and reviews.


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Ranking in the Local Pack has an extremely high ROI. Research from our 2022 Localized Marketing Benchmark Report found that businesses in the Local Pack/3-Pack receive 126 percent more traffic and 93 percent more actions (calls, website clicks, and driving directions) than businesses ranked 4-10.


Google determines which business listings should appear in the Local Pack on the following factors:


  • Distance from the user’s current location
  • Relevance to the search term
  • A business’ prominence and reputation 


Note, only businesses with a Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly known as Google My Business, are eligible to have their business listing featured in the Local Pack. For more information on ranking in the Local Pack, read our article on ranking in the Google 3-Pack. Note that when you optimize your local SEO efforts for the Local Pack, you’re also optimizing them for the Local Finder, which we’ll cover next.


Local Finder


The Local Finder is an expanded list of local businesses when you click on either the map in the SERP or a button below the map that says, “more businesses,”  “more locations,” or “more places.” Typically, at least 20 search results appear in the Local Finder. Similar to ranking in the Local Pack, if you want to appear in the Local Finder, you’ll need to set up and optimize your free GBP across business locations.

Local Finder on map with red arrows overlayed on laptop


Local Organic Search


Local organic search, commonly referred to as local search or local organic, are the organic search results that generally appear after the Local Pack and ads sections. 

You’ll get more local search results or non-local results, depending on the search query. For example, a search for “fitness” might result in a mix of fitness centers, health blogs, and news stories around health and fitness. While “fitness near me” will assuredly list fitness centers and business listings along with ranking results such as “Top fitness centers in [location].”


Your multi-location business must leverage the ranking factors listed above to increase your chances of ranking well for relevant local searches in local organic search.


Local organic search overlayed on laptop


For more details on how to rank in local search results, read our article on local SEO ranking factors. If you need help optimizing your GBP, local listings, or leveling up your comprehensive localized marketing strategy, request a demo today!

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