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Managing Businesses with Multiple Departments on Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)


Does your business have multiple departments? If so, you may need to take a few extra steps when creating and managing your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business profile).


Any business that makes in-person contact with customers during business hours is eligible to create a Business Profile on Google, but some larger chains and brands have unique needs that require special consideration. Specifically, some chains and brands, including department stores, universities, automotive dealerships, and healthcare systems, may have multiple departments within their larger organizations. Businesses with publicly-facing departments should create separate profiles for each department. 


According to Google’s guidelines, businesses with multiple departments requiring separate profiles should have:


  • Separate customer entrances for each department
  • Hours that differ from those of the main business
  • Distinct business categories, which may vary from the main business


A few examples of this might be a Costco Vision Center, a Sears Auto Center, or a hospital’s Department of Dermatology. Examples of departments that would not qualify for distinct Google listings include the Apple products section at Best Buy or the deli inside Kroger.


New auto dealerships may set up separate profiles for the parts department, the service department, and each make of car they specialize in.


If you believe your department qualifies for an individual listing, please remember that although it’s usually important to maintain a consistent name so that users can quickly identify a business on Google Maps and in search results, that rule of thumb does not apply for businesses with multiple departments. If the name of each department is different from the primary business and other departments, then that should be reflected in the Google listing.


Individual practitioners at medical offices are treated somewhat differently than departments. To learn more about managing Google Business Profiles for public-facing professionals who work within a larger organization, click here.




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