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What Different Kinds of Photos Should I Include in Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business profile) Listings and How Should I Label Them?


Never miss an opportunity to put your best foot forward. Adding photos to a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business profile) listings will capture the attention of potential customers and push them down the path to conversion. 


When it comes to building an online presence, images are just as important as the text in an online listing. Photos play a huge role in determining how good a business looks online. 


As a rule of thumb, businesses should avoid uploading overly-professional photographs to their online listings. This can make the business seen untrustworthy. When people scroll through business photos, they are looking for signs of authenticity and honesty. Candid images are what works best here, since they give people the best feeling for the business. 


Along those same lines, businesses should never upload stock photography to their Business Profile listings. If Google discovers stock images, those images will immediately be deleted.


Consider adding a mix of the following types of business-specific photos instead:


  • Exterior photos
  • Interior photos
  • Product photos
  • Food and drink photos
  • Common areas
  • Rooms
  • Team photos


Ideally, Google Business Profiles should have at least three exterior images, at least three interior images, at least three photos of products, and at least three photos representative of the services offered. Customers have come to rely heavily on photos of the products and services that businesses offer when viewing Google listings. It is important that all images uploaded to a Business Profile listing are truthful in their depiction of the product or service.


Any images uploaded to a Business Profile listing by the business will be labeled as “from the owner.” This differentiates the images from those that have been uploaded by actual customers or guests. Images that have been uploaded by the owner do not get preferential treatment, meaning they are not displayed more prominently than images uploaded by actual customers.


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