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What To Do With Gray Facebook Accounts


Facebook has a whopping 2.96 billion monthly active users worldwide. As a multi-location marketer, a presence on Facebook is a must. Because the Facebook platform is so popular and reaches such a broad audience, it’s constantly updating. You must be aware of these various updates and issues you could run across when managing your business’s efforts. 


Within this piece, we’ll dive into gray accounts on Facebook, what they are, and how to ensure your business doesn’t lose its account. 


A Look Into Gray Facebook Accounts 


According to Facebook, a “gray account” is an account used to log into the platform that isn’t associated with a personal profile. In the past, people have been able to use gray accounts to manage and run a business account. 


Generally, gray Facebook accounts don’t have a profile picture or header and don’t have the same security features as standard accounts. Because of this, Facebook has announced that they are disabling gray accounts.


This means those using gray accounts to manage a business page will no longer be able to post, comment, or manage the page. Instead, gray account administrators must use their standard Facebook account to access and manage the business page. 


What Your Multi-Location Business Can Do About It 


If you do have a gray Facebook account that hasn’t been disabled yet, Facebook recommends doing the following: 


1. Use a personal Facebook profile to manage your business account. You can create a new account if you don’t already have one.


2. If other employees have a personal Facebook account, you can provide those users with admin access. It’s essential to ensure the gray account isn’t the sole admin of business pages. 

  • You can do this by going to “Page Roles” in the business account’s settings, as seen in the image below.


A computer screen highlighting where to find "Page Roles" in your settings on Facebook



3. Download the information from your gray account before it gets disabled.  


4. After following these steps, you can delete your gray account, as you’ll no longer need it. 


These steps will ensure your multi-location business doesn’t lose access to its business pages. 


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