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Tips for Promoting Your Business on Instagram


As a multi-location marketer, you likely understand the importance of local social, with three out of four consumers saying they’ve discovered a new product or offering based on recommendations and posts on social media. 


While Facebook is still the most significant social platform with 2.91 billion monthly active users, Instagram shouldn’t be overlooked. For instance, Instagram is the second most downloaded app globally and has roughly one billion monthly users. You’re missing out if your multi-location business isn’t leveraging Instagram locally. 


Instagram and Localized Marketing 


A comprehensive localized marketing strategy has three components: local search, local social, and online reputation management. As a multi-location marketer, local social is a must; as the data shows, a presence on Instagram is also necessary. 


If your multi-location business isn’t already active on  Instagram, that’s your first place to start. While a corporate Instagram account is necessary, local Instagram pages are equally important. Local Instagram pages allow you to connect with your target audience and give local customers a taste of what to expect from your business. 


For a more in-depth look at the importance of local social, check out our blog on the topic. 


How to Promote Your Multi-Location Business on Instagram


Once your multi-location business creates its  local Instagram accounts, it’s time to start thinking about promotion. With more than 200 million businesses on Instagram, what can your multi-location business do to stand out from competitors? That’s where engagement comes in. 


Engaging with your target audience on Instagram at the local level is a must. This can include, but is not limited to: 

  • Responding to comments left on your Instagram posts 
  • Giving your highest engaging followers a follow-back 
  • Sharing content that includes questions, contests, or polls that drive engagement 
  • Interacting with your followers’ content as well 
    •  A follower will be more inclined to interact with your business’ content if you’ve interacted with theirs 


Posting local content while also maintaining a consistent brand voice is another winning strategy. For more insight on developing a local social strategy, check out our Localized Social Content Guide


Finally, don’t forget about hashtags! Hashtags containing the name of your location can help bring your content into local conversations, and businesses should not forget to geotag all of their posts.


Now that you understand how your multi-location business can promote itself on Instagram, it’s time to start implementing these tactics. While managing your local social efforts across 100s or 1,000s of business locations might seem challenging, SOCi’s Social Media Management Solution can help. 

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