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How Port City Java Managed Their Brand With SOCi’s Groups

Find out how this local coffeehouse franchise used Groups to scale their social media.

Port City Java is a coffee shop franchise that has been waking up Wilmington, NC since 1995. Port City Java has evolved and grown to operate over 30 cafes as well as its own bakery, roastery and distribution center. Their goal is to roast and serve amazing coffee the way they think it should be done.

Social media has been a key component in building their online and offline brand awareness. With their success and growth up to 30 locations, the day to day management of social content, conversations, and digital assets, grew exponentially challenging to streamline within their organization. With these new strains and challenges that they faced, it prompted Port City Java to seek a solution to centralize all their social media efforts.



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Facebook Users Reached

157 Million

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What They Did

Port City Java chose SOCi from a field of tools that include Hootsuite, SproutSocial and others to power their social media management for their brand.

Some of the key features that they appreciated are multi-location reporting, group posting of content, peak traffic scheduling, and asset management.

Port City Java quickly implemented SOCi and saw immediate success in efficiency from scheduling group content. Leveraging Group reports, they tracked engagement across their locations and identified top performing content for multiple pages. SOCi’s platform also enabled their team to determine optimal times to post, giving them the best chance to increase reach and engagement.

In addition, SOCi provided Port City Java an asset management warehouse that they used to store and distribute brand approved assets to their individual franchisees. This gave them the control they needed to preserve their brand consistency while increasing their overall social media performance.

The Results

SOCi’s built-for-scale platform, delivered efficiency for a two-person department which empowered them to successfully schedule over 1,900 posts within three months by using the Group functionality. Additionally, SOCi has provided the tools necessary to schedule all content to 30+ Port City Java locations across multiple channels.

From August to November, SOCi has enabled Port City Java to:

• Gain 157 million Facebook Impressions
• Reach 937,000+ Facebook Users
• Engage with 24,000+ Facebook Users

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"SOCi has given us an opportunity to get some of our time back so that we can spend it being productive in other areas of our department. Bringing all of our social pages together on one platform enables us to spend less time posting mindless posts just to be active and allows us to post content that our customers truly want to engage with and that brings value to our brand. The features that SOCi provides, like rating various content on the web, has been so beneficial to creating more engagement with our audience."

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