Localized marketing is worth the investment.

A recent study from Forrester Consulting found that optimized localized marketing improves critical business metrics for local property and corporate teams. Plus, localized marketing leaders are crushing the competition. They have an annual revenue growth rate three times that of their peers!

However, proving the ROI of localized marketing for your company is easier said than done. 

Program complexity and a lack of reporting or tracking capabilities can make ROI difficult to measure. How can you prove this investment impacts your business and make a case for more support and resources?

We developed an innovative visual guide that showcases the essential elements you need to know to prove the impact of localized marketing and propel your ROI. 

SOCi Inc.

Download the guide to discover:

Three channels you should be using (The Localized Marketing Trifecta)

How and why to integrate expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T) into your digital presence

A proven four-step process for tracking localized marketing program ROI

Why technology is the “X” factor to scaling success across your portfolio

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How to Showcase the Real Results from Your Localized Marketing Efforts

A Step-by-Step Guide for Property Management Marketers

A Step-by-Step Guide for Property Management Marketers