Learn how SOCi Can Take Your Localized Marketing to the Next Level.


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Integrated Reporting

Quantify, validate, and easily present the success of your localized marketing efforts at the national, regional, and local level.



Discover, localize, publish and analyze at-scale.

  • Publish to All Major Networks
  • Content Discovery
  • Peak Time Publishing
  • Group Posting
  • Approval Workflows
  • Content Libraries


Monitor your local reputation and deliver on-brand review responses.

  • Review Monitoring At Scale
  • Response Management
  • Response Libraries
  • Approval Workflows
  • Sentiment & Competition Analysis

Local Pages

Create and manage branded and search optimized local pages.

  • Fully Customizable Local Pages or Sites
  • Mobile Responsive and Search Optimized
  • Clear Call-to-Actions
  • 24/7 Self Editing Tools & Real-Time Updates

Coming Soon


Monitor customer satisfaction and drive brand loyalty with local surveys. 

  • Template or Custom Survey Generator
  • NPS & CSAT Surveys via Email or SMS
  • Generate Customer Feedback
  • Track NPS by location

Coming Soon


Track and respond to local conversations about your brand and competition.

  • Keyword, Mention & Hashtag Tracking
  • Discover & Share Local User-Generated Content
  • Identify Selling Opportunities
  • Smart Alerts for Crisis Management


Mass create and deploy thousands of local ads.

  • Localized Text, Images & Targeting
  • Image, Video, Carousel & Click-to-Messenger Ads
  • Preset, Custom & Lookalike Audiences
  • Flexible Ad Budget Distribution
  • Ad Templates & Creative Libraries


Deliver 24/7 customer care and lead generation across 1000s of Messenger accounts.

  • Localized Messenger Bots Deployed At Scale
  • 100% Lead Capture
  • Call-to-Action & Machine Learning Capabilities
  • Embed Within Website and Drive Traffic Via Email

Build an Unstoppable Localized Marketing Strategy & a Superior Team of Local Marketers

Central Command™ for 
Multi-Location Marketers

We know you face innumerable challenges everyday in your pursuit to establish your brand and impact your bottom line. Meet SOCi, the only all-in-one multi-location marketing solution that empowers you to:

  • Outshine your competition by delivering approved, on-brand content at-scale, tailored for each and every location
  • Activate your local users with automated smart rules, notifications, and workflows
  • Elevate and protect your brand by monitoring your local reputation and delivering on-brand review responses using SOCi's Smart Response to provide relevant and personalized responses
  • Drive business growth with the ability to mass create and deploy thousands of localized ads with dynamic text, images, and more
  • Amplify your marketing strategy with powerful insights at the corporate, regional, & local level

See how you can champion localization at scale with SOCi's all-in-one platform. Request a demo! 





Insights & Reporting

Leverage powerful insights with centralized reporting.

  • Actionable, Real-Time Insights Across All Solutions
  • Dozens of Preset Reports
  • Analyze Data at the Account, Group & Location Level

Solving the Challenges of 
Multi-Location Marketers

We are solving the challenges multi-location marketers face. Whether you need to scale localized marketing for your enterprise or provide turnkey solutions for local users, we've got you covered.

Learn how SOCi helps you:

  • Deliver approved, on-brand content at scale, and tailored for each location
  • Collaborate with automated smart rules, notifications, and workflows
  • Stay on top of all engagements requiring attention like reviews, comments and mentions
  • Get powerful insights at the corporate, regional, and local level

See how you can manage localization at scale with an all-in-one platform. Meet SOCi.

Protect Your Brand While Empowering Your Local Teams to Win! 


Scalable Workflow

With adjustable manager permission settings, customizable email notifications, and a streamlined approval process, SOCi can be fully customized to fit your needs.

High Adoption

Increase local level adoption by empowering users to see every alert, respond to reviews and comments even faster, and create social media content on the go.

Professional Services

Don’t have the time or resources to manage your localized marketing strategy? Let the professionals at SOCi do it for you. The best part — we guarantee results!

Scale & Power 
Meet Simplicity 
& Effectiveness

SOCi is built to tackle the complexities national teams face in managing and deploying digital marketing efforts across limitless locations, while also being a simple and effective tool to empower your local users to increase activation and adoption of digital marketing efforts at the local level.