"Local-Social Engagement Strategies for Brands"

85% of business page engagement happens on local pages.

In a recent survey of over 500+ social marketers, improving overall social engagement and developing engaging content were the top marketing challenges. 78% of purchases made are influenced by social content of some sort, so how can brands effectively scale their social media strategy to perform at the local level, even when managing multiple pages?

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Do you know how many user-created Facebook pages exist that are representing your brand across multiple locations? Do you understand the impact of these pages if not properly managed?
Facebook is the second largest search site (next to Google). But if your local customers can't find you, you're missing out on bug business. See how you're raking today!

How's your social media health?

How to navigate recent industry changes
How to find the audience you're looking for
The scale of growth of Local Pages on sites like Facebook and Yelp

SOCi CMO Monica Ho goes in-depth with 6 strategies brands can implement now to become more effective at the local level. 

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