Workflow Solutions

Streamline client or administrative approval with our internet and mobile based approval portals. Easily edit, delete, reject, comment, and notify managers of changes.

Client & Admin Approvals

SOCi streamlines your social publishing process by allowing you to gather feedback from clients and managers until everything is approved.

Approvals can be set from different levels to create a full collaboration tool for your entire team.

With different approval types and workflow automations, the platform ensures your content will be scheduled and published on time.

Notify Managers of Any Changes

Always on the go? Prefer email notifications?

SOCi can send you updates on any project, notifying the right people at the right time. With one-click approvals, users can simply click on a link on their email and they’re ready to approve.

Set Parameters For Any Account

Ever have content waiting for client’s approval and it never gets seen? Have you had a client complain why their content wasn’t published?

SOCi has customization options that allow for a smarter workflow. Set rejection parameters around your approvals so that you can ensure your content is published on-time.

What our customers say about SOCi

  • “SOCi has enabled us to deliver high quality social media marketing to our properties. We have seen an increase in web and foot traffic as well as improved engagement and superior communications with our customers. We are pleased to have such a strategic partner for our social media marketing strategy.”

    Virgina C. Love

    VP, Leasing & Marketing


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