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    Scaling social media has never been easier. From enterprises to multi-location brands, SOCi is your platform for efficiency and results.

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    A Smarter Social Media Management Solution


    Content Center

    With the Content Center, SOCi scores the Social Web with its unique algorithms to tell you what social content is engaging and what’s not. SOCi then provides a numerical score and recommendations to you on what to post.


    Asset Management

    After SOCi scores content found on the social web it allows you to choose from a library of highly curated, engaging content! This library cuts out the work of searching for relevant on brand content which saves you time while adding value to your brand.


    Smart Scheduler

    Create quality posts / contests / coupons to multiple pages on all the major platforms with a single click…all posting at the best local time.


    Lead Generation

    Create and publish engaging cover images, campaigns, pages, and more to one or multiple pages. Collect and export leads.


    Customer Care

    Manage your social comments, reviews, and notifications across all your networks under one platform. Take control of the conversation with SOCi!

    Reputation & Reviews

    Reviews & Reputation 

    SOCi goes above and beyond traditional social media sites to pull and let you respond to reviews from Yelp, Citysearch, Google, and many more social media networks in one platform.


    Workflow Solutions

    Streamline client or administrative approval with our internet and mobile based approval portals. Easily edit, delete, reject, comment and notify managers of changes.


    Reporting Suite

    Find out who’s performing and who’s not, and share your findings with your organizations. Customize highly visual and engaging reports with multiple delivery options, including web hosted and auto-email.

    Built for Scale


    Manage dozens, 100s or thousands of locations social media from a central platform. SOCi helps you find content, schedule to major networks, share libraries of content, categorically group locations, track and respond to customers, create engaging campaigns and deliver valuable reports, across all of your locations, all in one place.

    Built on top of a multi-permissioning system, SOCi allows varying access and control to different members of your team.

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    Built For Content

    Built for Content

    Discover proven content from around the social web with SOCi’s proprietary content scoring technology.

    Track and score content performance against your own audience to better understand how they want to interact. Auto-archive all of your content to share the best content with your entire organization.

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    Built for Results


    Get the most out of social media by posting at each location’s peak traffic time, using the best content from your privately scored, searchable content libraries. Design and customize highly engaging sweepstakes, contests, and other campaigns with our professional image and page editors to create lasting impressions and maximize leads.

    Lastly, catch every conversation across your organization, and respond in real time for the ultimate in customer care.

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