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Deliver a search-optimized and localized experience resulting in:


Improved local search rankings & mobile visibility


Brand consistency across limitless locations


More local leads & conversions


Increased foot traffic & revenue

Leading the Pack for Local SEO & Marketing on G2

Power Your Online Visibility

  • Maximize Local Search Visibility.

    Connect with customers by featuring search-optimized, branded local pages and locators prominently on your website.

  • Craft Your Local Experience.

    Gain unparalleled flexibility with an array of customization and localization options, all designed for effortless deployment and maintenance.

  • Boost Local Leads and Conversions.

    Efficiently target and engage local audiences, streamlining the buyer’s journey and reducing potential barriers to conversion.

  • The Power Of A Single Platform.

    Create dynamic, reliable, and high-converting local pages powered by your SOCi solutions.

Elevate Your Brand & Dominate Local Search

Offer bespoke, search-optimized local pages and locators deployed at scale and built to meet your unique needs, no matter your type of multi-location brand or franchise. Spotlight your brand’s voice, style, and offerings across all your local markets with banners, images, dynamic menus, and more.

SOCi Pages are built to be search engine optimized, mobile responsive, and WCAG conformant for better visibility and accessibility.

Best of all, use dynamic fields to automate content updates across all linked pages for seamless localization.
Limitless branded local pages can be deployed in just a few weeks!

Deliver True Local Convenience & Reduce Time-to-Conversion

Create a consistent, intuitive experience between your website, online listings, locator, and local pages. SOCi’s centralized platform delivers a complete multi-channel local search experience for your consumer while ensuring a consistent brand presence — from awareness to purchase, digital to in-store. Convert online visitors by sharing location-specific content like store events, special offers, appointment bookings, and convenient ordering experiences.


“SOCi’s franchise-friendly, easy-to-use platform is exactly what we need to support unified marketing campaigns across all of our markets.”

Steve Schulze Co-Founder & CEO Nektar Juice Bar

Master your localized marketing strategy and drive growth for your business with SOCi. Request your free demo today.


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Locators are often referred to as location finders, store locators, branch locators, dealer locators, or even agent locators. Regardless of what you call them, a locator is a web page that is featured on your website to help your customers easily find your locations and the information they are looking for about that location, such as hours, promotions, or the products and services offered there. 

With SOCi Pages, you get a custom branded locator page for your website featuring geolocation and dynamic maps that pull in the user’s location and instantly show your nearest store. Advanced search filters allow you to tag locations by type, product lines, or any other database-driven criteria, so customers can easily filter the locator to find exactly what they need. Our locators are linked to centralized location data in SOCi, so updates push across your SOCi local pages and SOCi Listings automatically.

Local landing pages are important for local search optimization and increase the visibility of all your locations. In fact, your listings cannot be considered fully optimized for the leading search engines if they are not linked to local pages or have poorly optimized local pages. Combined with your online listings, local pages are the most powerful way a business can attract more traffic and grow online visibility. If not properly executed, you’re leaving money on the table.

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Adding local pages and a locator to your website and online listings improves your local search rankings and visibility, creates brand consistency across all your locations and can increase local conversions and foot traffic — driving more revenue directly to your local business. Convert online visitors into in-store customers by making it easy to find you. Build a strong local search presence by displaying location information and unique details about each store on your website. Promote location-specific content like store events, coupons, and special offers.

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A well-optimized local landing page should include:

  • Location hours, including special hours for holidays or hours that may differ for specific departments
  • A dynamic map indicating the store’s location with a CTA for directions
  • Photo content to showcase the brand as well as the most popular products or services
  • A unique location description that references nearby landmarks in addition to your offerings
  • Keywords, metadata, and tags for lead generation and driving customer engagement
  • Accessible design and content

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SOCi Pages local pages and locators are highly customizable to meet your unique multi-location business needs. Spotlight your brand's voice, style, and offerings across all your local markets with banners, images, dynamic menus, and more.

Localize your page content at scale using SOCi’s dynamic fields to update content across all linked pages. SOCi’s innovative solution for location data management allows for seamless localization across your local pages, locators, and even other SOCi solutions like SOCi Listings.

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