Finally, a social media solution brands can trust.

Centralize your brand’s local social media strategy with SOCi.

Trusted by leading brands

Consistency for your brand.

We get it. You’ve spent a lot of money building your brand. The last thing you need is a local manager ruining it with off-brand messaging and old company logos.

With SOCi, you can easily manage content across your entire brand — at the national and local level. Our technology allows your business to share approved content with your locations to maintain on-brand messaging.

Branded content made easy.

SOCi’s mass-management tools make it easy to post to multiple locations at once. Have a special announcement you want to post across all your locations? One click is all you’ll need with SOCi.

Whether you’re boosting posts or posting organic content, SOCi gives you the ability to post to multiple brand pages at once and tailor the content using dynamic text — all from one platform.

Join the conversations about your brand.

Your customers are talking about your brand every day, and you need to be involved in the conversation. With SOCi, you’ll never miss another review or customer interaction.

Now you can track and respond to conversations all from one command center. The SOCi dashboard allows corporate and/or individual locations to engage with customers across various social networks in real-time.


Ready to see what SOCi can do for you?

Learn how you can manage social content, reviews, and ads across 100’s or 1,000’s of locations in a single platform.

Everything you need to manage Localized Social Marketing at-scale


Reporting Suite

Quantify, validate and easily present the success of your social media efforts at the national, regional or local level.


Workflow Solutions

With adjustable manager permissions settings, customizable email notifications, and a streamlined approval process, SOCi can be fully customized to fit your needs.


Mobile Accessibility

The same SOCi performance and ease of use, now available on mobile. See every alert, respond to reviews and comments even faster, and create social media content on the go. SOCi Go is now available for iPhone and Android.


Professional Services

Don’t have the time or resources to manage your localized social strategy? Let the professionals at SOCi do it for you. The best part — we guarantee results!

What our customers say about SOCi

  • “SOCi is allowing us to push branded content to our retailers, but it’s also allowing them to have a local voice in their marketplace.”

    Gary Drummond

    Local Marketing Manager

  • “What I love the most about SOCi is the library of images and posts that you can create ahead of time — that is especially important for the franchise system.”

    Chad Jordan

    Director of Marketing, Digital Services

  • “When it comes to the scale that is needed for multi-location, that’s where SOCi is dedicated and where you can see their expertise.”

    Occasio Gee

    Marketing Manager


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