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While it might seem far fetched to already start thinking about a post-pandemic world, we will eventually reach the end of this pandemic, and your multi-location business should be ready! The businesses who start putting in the effort now to work on their brand and improve their localized marketing efforts will be the ones who see the greatest results post-pandemic. Throughout this blog, we’ll highlight three ways your brand can start preparing now, to come out on top in the long run. 


1. Work on Strengthening Your Brand Visibility Now


One of the biggest things your multi-location business should be working on amid this current pandemic is strengthening brand visibility. Data from our recently released Q3 2020 State of Multi-Location Marketing Report found that consumers are craving a local connection now more than ever. In Q2, localized content got 12x the engagement when compared to “non-localized” content. You may be wondering how this ties into brand visibility. If your multi-location business is receiving more engagement on your social posts, in turn, your brand is getting more visibility and reach. 


Facebook has also created a relatively new “Business Nearby” feature, that will show relevant businesses that are close to where the user is searching. The platform is actually basing this feature on localized content that the store page has. Therefore, the more local content and updated business information your multi-location business has on its pages, the more likely you’ll be to appear in a business nearby search, again increasing your brand visibility. If you’re wondering how to get started with a localized social content plan, SOCi is here to help! SOCi’s social solution can help your multi-location business empower enterprise and local teams to publish localized content, manage content libraries, respond to social engagements, and analyze performance, all within one powerful platform. For more information on how to create effective branding, check out our blog on the topic. 



2. Speak to Your Audiences Where They Are  


While brand visibility is a great way for your multi-location business to start preparing for the world after COVID-19, it’s also essential to remember to speak to your audiences where they are. A lot of consumers are struggling personally with side effects brought on by COVID-19, and your business must acknowledge that. Because it seems like COVID-19 will be around for a while, you don’t have to constantly mention the pandemic in every conversation that your brand is having with consumers, but it’s important to be mindful of your target audiences. Many people have lost their jobs, or have been impacted in a personal way by COVID-19, so now is probably not the time to come across salesy. 


If you speak to consumers where they are now, they’ll have more trust for your brand in a post-pandemic world. Additionally, you can minimize some of their concerns associated with the current pandemic. Are consumers still worried about how your business is keeping things clean and working to reduce the spread of COVID-19? If so, this is something that you can highlight in your messaging. You can share the advice of medical experts providing tips on how to keep yourself safe when venturing out to shops or restaurants. This kind of messaging shows your consumers that you are aware of what’s going on, and will again build loyalty later down the line. 


3. Make an Impact 


Another great way that your brand can start preparing for a post-pandemic world is by making an impact now. With COVID-19 causing so much distress and disruption throughout the world, everyone is hungry for positivity. If your multi-location business has the opportunity and resources to make an impact right now, it will be remembered in the long run. 


If your business is surviving financially, there are many ways you can help to make an impact. For instance, you can donate your money to buy more safety equipment for doctors and nurses, or partner with another local business that is struggling to make ends meet during this time. We understand that all businesses might not have the means to make an impact financially during this time, but don’t worry! There are other ways your brand can make a difference that will set you up for success in a post-pandemic world. 


For instance, can your multi-location business find new ways to market your business digitally that haven’t been done before? While this kind of impact is different, it is still effective. Are there any deficiencies that the pandemic has highlighted for your business that you can work on changing during this time? We’ve seen many businesses make significant changes in a matter of days or weeks, making a big impact in the digital world. Make sure that your business is exploring all opportunities to make an impact right now because those that do will have a leg up on the competition later. 


Getting Ready for the Future


While some of us may think there’s no end in sight for COVID-19, businesses have to stay positive and work to improve their brand for the post-pandemic world. How many of the aforementioned tactics are already in your localized marketing strategy? For more information on how your multi-location business can strengthen your localized marketing efforts to be successful in the post-pandemic world, look no further than SOCi! SOCi is the central command for multi-location businesses and the all-in-one platform for your multi-location needs. Request a demo today to learn more! 

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