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How to Choose the Best Property Management Marketing Tools

Property management firms and multi-family marketers rely on property management marketing tools to manage their online reputation, execute a local social strategy, and maintain local listings. Feature-rich property management marketing tools allow for properties to manage all these tactics effectively, and include analytics to track performance across all markets, locations, and channels within one platform.


What Are Property Management Marketing Tools?

Property management marketing tools are marketing tools that assist property management companies and multi-family marketers in generating rental leads, engaging potential renters during their rental journey, and communicating with residents in their local communities. The best property management marketing tools will allow engagement on whatever scale makes the most sense for the property management company and provides consolidated analytics to demonstrate how marketing efforts are affecting residency rates in their respective communities.


Key Features to Look for in Property Management Marketing Tools


1.   Scalability

A property management company that currently has multiple properties and/or is expanding properties requires a property management marketing tool that is scalable. Scalable property management marketing tools allow the expansion of marketing efforts across portfolios all within a centralized platform.


2.   Extended Engagement Opportunities

Potential renters may start their journey three to six months before finalizing a move. Marketing tools with dynamic text capabilities allow for hyper-targeted engagements by location. These chatbot tools also ensure that a lead never passes through by answering the questions of potential renters 24/7. Your local properties can then follow-up with these leads during business hours.


3.   Social Listening

Now more than ever, the importance of managing your online reputation cannot be understated. Tools with social listening can listen for property mentions on social media and provide insight highlight areas opportunities for improvement. Using a social listening software designed for property management companies will also allow you to stay updated on the latest industry trends and understand what the competition is doing to stand out.


4.   Seasonal Marketing Approach

A property management marketing tool should also be able to adapt to seasonality in rentals. This is especially apparent in markets with a peak move-in season, where marketing efforts would be concentrated in the months leading up to the peak. For instance, does the tool provide a way for you to streamline your review response efforts so you can spend busy season taking more potential residents on an apartment tour? Can you scale your local social efforts efficiently? These are questions to consider.


How to Choose the Best Property Management Marketing Tool

There are several considerations to make when choosing the best property management marketing tool for your organization, including the need for:


1.   Centralized, Decentralized, and Hybrid Multi-Location Marketing Models

Consider where your local marketing strategy should originate. A centralized marketing model originates from a corporate office that manages all aspects of the property management company’s online presence. Decentralized multi-location marketing models make local marketing decisions at the local level, and in hybrid models, the local offices work with their corporate office to enact a local marketing strategy. Hybrid models typically work best for property management companies with multiple portfolios.


2.   Cross-Market and Cross-Location Reporting

Understanding how marketing efforts affect residency empowers multi-family marketers to make marketing decisions backed by data. With consolidated reporting that spans across multiple markets and channels, marketers can see what works and what doesn’t, and make changes accordingly.

3.   Ability to Handle Complexity

If the online presence of a property management company or multi-family marketer is spread across multiple platforms and channels, the ability to manage these complex interactions in one place is invaluable. The best property management marketing tools offer a central command for multi-family marketers to handle all aspects of their localized marketing efforts within a single login.


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