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Industry News: Search and Social Platforms Kick Off 2021 With Updates You Don’t Want to Miss


We’re back with a new industry news blog for you! Local search and social platforms kicked off the new year with industry updates you won’t want to miss. As a multi-location marketer, keeping up with the latest platform updates will pay off. You can elevate your localized marketing efforts and stay ahead of the competition by leveraging these updates, which will ultimately lead to more sales and success. 


Google My Business Launches New Performance Reporting 


Google My Business (GMB) has recently announced that they’re rolling out new performance reports that can be found in the insight section of your GMB profile. The new performance reporting highlights how many calls and messages your multi-location business received within six months. The latest report also shows the search terms used to find your business. When you open your insights, you should receive a message that your insights are moving. If you click on “see new performance metrics,” this report will appear. 



This new report can help your multi-location track how your business is performing while also getting a better idea of the terms people are using to find your business. For instance, is your call volume increasing steadily each month? Are you receiving more messages than you have in the past? If your call and message volume is decreasing, you may want to see if there are any updates you can make to your local GMB profiles or analyze the search terms used to find your business. Are they on track with the services or products you offer? If the search terms are relevant, you can continue adding these terms into your content and social posts, which will help your business continue to appear in relevant search results. 



If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your local business listings across business locations, SOCi has you covered! SOCi Listings helps you ensure that you have reliable information for every location. We’ll help increase the accuracy of your listings data and improve local search rankings, resulting in stronger brand awareness and visibility, which you can then track with this new feature. 



Facebook Redesigns Facebook Pages 


Facebook has also made some recent platform updates, including a redesign to Facebook Pages. The new redesign got rid of the “like” feature for pages, leaving only the “following” button. Facebook noted that there was often confusion between the two options, which is why they’ve decided to remove one. The redesign also revealed a new streamlined design that makes it easier for users to switch between viewing page bios, posts, and important information. 



While your multi-location business doesn’t need to make any changes to your local Facebook Pages due to the redesign, it’s important to note that there is a new Q&A feature. This feature allows page admins to post a question on their page for followers to answer. If you haven’t already tested this new feature, it’s worth a shot. It can increase engagement on your page, and you can also ask questions to receive feedback about particular products or processes your business uses. This Q&A feature is a great way to gather more information from your target audience and use it to optimize your localized marketing efforts. 



Yelp Adds a New Community Feedback Feature 


As the pandemic continues to affect the world, Yelp recently launched a “health and safety measures” community feedback feature. In the summer of 2020, Yelp developed a COVID-19 section where businesses could list which measures they’re taking to keep people safe during the pandemic. For instance, you could list if your business is requiring masks, doing extra sanitation, or enforcing social distancing. This new feedback feature allows consumers who visit the company to share how well businesses are following these safety measures. If your business receives multiple responses, you will then receive a rating for your COVID-19 safety precautions. 



As a multi-location business, it’s good to be aware of this feature. If you’re following all of the safety measures listed on your Yelp profile, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Similarly, this should serve as an excellent reminder to keep your Yelp profiles updated. If you haven’t added in the precautionary measures your business has implemented, it’s time to do so. 


To stay ahead of the curve, keeping up with the latest industry trends is vital. It’s time to start implementing these latest features and updates into your localized marketing efforts. As a multi-location business, we understand that it can be challenging to keep up with all of the latest news, but that’s where SOCi comes in! Not only do we bring you the latest industry updates, but we’re also the central command for multi-location marketers. Whether you’re looking to establish strong local listings or you want to develop an innovative local social strategy, SOCi is here to bring your digital presence to the next level! For more information on how SOCi can help you make a mark with your localized marketing efforts, request a demo today!