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This is the Conference Checklist you need.

So you’re going to a conference.

Information sessions, crucial keynotes, free swag, and most of all, shaking hands and networking. It’s going to be exciting, and it’s going to be educational. Before you go, though, make sure you’re packing for the occasion.

Packing isn’t exactly “fun,” but it’s necessary. And what’s more important is to remember the essentials. Nothing is worse than heading to a conference just to realize you forgot something as basic as breath mints.

We got you covered. Bid adieu to the days of forgetting your hand sanitizer and sunglasses. We’ve put together the never-forgets for your next conference into one handy download, “The Ultimate Conference Freshlist.

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Obviously, you need to bring clothes to a conference. (Unless it’s an alt-conference, but that’s a different blog for a different day.) But in addition to the essentials listed in the graphic above, we’ve got a few more things both the guys and the gals attending these thought-leadership conferences need to be putting into their bags before jetting out!

Guys – No fresh look is complete without the following essentials.

  • A button-up for each day of the conference
  • Undershirts
  • Slacks or dark jeans
  • Belt
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Socks

Gals – Make sure these are in your bag before hitting the conference floor.

  • A blouse for each day of the conference
  • Tank tops
  • Skirts or slacks
  • Belt
  • Comfortable shoes

Then there are the items you just can’t live without on the conference floor. 

A Watch

I know you’re probably thinking, “But I can tell the time on my phone…” While this is true, it is tacky to whip out your phone every 5 minutes to check the time. Checking your phone that often could also lead you to get distracted and detached from the conference.

More importantly, however, constantly picking up your phone and looking at it could signal to other conference goers that you are uninterested and not willing to network. This is the last thing you want, so trust us and bring a watch.

Portable Charger
Whether you’re waiting for a session to start, or maybe a not so invigorating one to end, you’re going to be on your phone. Make sure that you always have access to the conference app and the ability to add new professional contacts to your phone book by bringing a portable charger with you.

There is literally no more frustrating an experience than running out of battery, having to stand by an outlet until you have enough juice, and missing out on potential opportunities for networking.

Mints and Floss
Mints: Crucial for conferences. They cover up coffee breath, keep you awake, and often help you make a fresher first impression. Don’t forget to throw a box or two of these in your bag. Avoid chewing gum so you don’t make smacking noises during your elevator pitch.

Almost no one remembers the floss. A few travel-sized, one-time-use floss picks will save you from embarrassing lunch-in-your-teeth moments. You don’t want someone paying attention to the lettuce in your pearly whites while you’re pitching your product, right?

Business Cards
DO NOT FORGET YOUR BUSINESS CARDS! I repeat: Do not forget your business cards. Double check (and triple check) before leaving the house that you have a sizeable amount of these to pass around for the next few days. You don’t want to find yourself missing one when talking to a client you know you can land.

Download our Ultimate Conference Checklist here and never be without the essentials ever again!

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