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Every property in your management portfolio has a local social presence, and that presence matters. 70 percent of prospective residents have decided to visit a property because it has a better online reputation than other properties, and while it’s clear that property management companies benefit from social media and reputation management, standard digital marketing guides fail to address the intricacies of managing an entire portfolio of properties as well as the national property management brand.  

To manage these intricacies at scale, property management companies can turn to localized social marketing; the biggest untapped marketing opportunity in multifamily. 

Introducing the Property Playbook for Localized Social Marketing, a comprehensive guide written by social media and reputation management experts from SOCi. This 70-page playbook contains step-by-step instructions detailing how property management companies can leverage localized social marketing across a portfolio of 10s, 100s or even 1000s of properties. Here is a brief intro:

Learn to leverage the national brand at the local level

The playbook contains strategies that are applicable at both the management company level and the property level. Using localized social marketing, marketing teams at both levels can create and implement localized social marketing content that serves to increase brand awareness in local communities, attract and retain residents, and influence leasing decisions. 

See how localized social marketing has worked for industry leaders

Download the playbook to discover how leading property management companies have used localized social marketing to gain a competitive edge. The playbook reveals how one multifamily company used localized social marketing to manage thousands of reviews and social media comments across more than 100 property pages, and how another property management brand used localized social marketing to boost website traffic by as much as 846 percent.

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Find the management model that works for your multifamily brand

The Property Management Playbook for Localized Social Marketing contains a detailed analysis of the three most common social management models; centralized, decentralized and hybrid. Property management companies must choose between these social media management models, but each has its own advantages and drawbacks. In the playbook, experts from SOCi provide recommendations on which model works best to facilitate on-brand localized social marketing across a property portfolio. 

Promote your properties across every social media and reputation management platform

The playbook also reveals which social media and reputation platforms are essential for establishing a localized social presence, dissecting the differences between Facebook, Google My Business and industry-specific platforms such as — a site with extremely engaged users, 77 percent of whom are active on social media. 

In addition to social content, reputation management is the other important component of localized social marketing, especially in the multifamily industry where 80 percent of renters consider reviews important to their apartment search, and 75 percent look at ratings and reviews multiple times during their search. Using the Property Management Playbook, property management companies can ensure each local team has the resources necessary to respond to reviews quickly across every review platform.   

Finally, the playbook concludes with step-by-step instructions for achieving localized social success while avoiding common pitfalls that can damage the online reputation of your property management brand. With 43 percent of consumers saying they’re likely to interact with an apartment community on social media, it’s no secret that multifamily marketers need to manage social and reputation for every property in the management portfolio. Localized social marketing addresses the complexities of doing this in the multifamily space, and SOCi just wrote the book on it. 

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