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With concerns around COVID-19 growing and social distancing becoming more important than ever, it’s a critical time for businesses everywhere. With so much unknown, your multi-location business must be communicating effectively and efficiently with customers. An open line of communication will give your customers a sense of reassurance during these troubling times. At SOCi, we also understand that this is a scary time for your business. We’re here to help.

Franchises and other multi-location enterprises support the national GDP and local economies by creating billions of dollars in products, services, and local jobs. We are proud to have dedicated all of our passion and ingenuity to helping these brands connect with their local audiences to drive more success to their store owners and communities.

When a global pandemic like the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hits and consumers begin to stay home, it has a very serious economic effect to our local communities, and our country. It is times like these when localized marketing, especially on social media and other digital mediums, can have a very real effect not only on these businesses’ bottom line, but on keeping the economy stable as a whole.

As a leader in this space, we feel a responsibility to help any franchise or multi-location brand do everything it can do to keep up the local economy. As such, we are offering any franchise or multi-location brand our perspective, advice, and assistance on achieving optimal and effective communication through your local channels. You don’t need to be a customer, and you don’t need to pay us anything. If you would like to discuss some best practices on how to be better at social, reputation, search or any other local marketing channel, please contact us at [email protected]. We are here to help.

– Afif Khoury

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