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Localized social marketing includes three key areas of social marketing; presence, care, and growth. While multi-location businesses must have a strategic approach to manage each area effectively, most corporate and local marketers find the localized approach difficult to scale and manage across 100s to 1000s of locations. 

SOCi provides the platform with which to manage all areas of LSM. However, some marketers may not know where to start with the tools, or their focus may be elsewhere. For marketers that don’t have time or resources to handle the strategic approaches to manage LSM for their business, there’s SOCi Assist. 

SOCi Assist is designed for multi-location brands and property management companies seeking effective full-service solutions in the three critical areas of localized social marketing:

  • Presence – Content Management 
  • Care – Reputation Management
  • Growth – Paid Social Management

Our team of professional social content creatives, reputation managers, and paid social media specialists will help you realize the potential of localized social marketing with SOCi Assist. Whether you are just getting started or want to enhance an existing program, SOCi can customize an approach that will meet your specific business needs and objectives. 

Below, we will cover each area of LSM and explain how SOCi experts can help your multi-location business manage presence, care, and growth effectively and efficiently. 

Content Management


Centralized and decentralized businesses run into similar issues when it comes to managing their localized social content strategy. Either they don’t have an LSM strategy in place and don’t know where to start, or they do have a strategy but run into other issues: 

  • The LSM strategy is too much for one person or a small marketing team to handle. 
  • The content that they create at the corporate office is exactly that – very corporate, and their local teams are not customizing the content for their stores. 
  • On-site managers don’t have the time or social expertise, and they’re so focused on the day-to-day operations that social is “last on the list.”

Our Social Content Management services will help free up multi-location marketers’ time so that they can focus on hyperlocal content that speaks to their immediate audience, and other areas of their business.

Reputation Management


Businesses at the corporate and local level often face the challenge of a declining or stagnant online reputation management score, and failure to respond to incoming reviews can make the problem worse. And while marketers understand the importance of responding to reviews, time management is a large hurdle to overcome. It takes time each day to log into each one of the native review sites, monitor, and respond to reviews in a timely, thoughtful manner. 

However, even when marketers have access to a centralized platform to manage their online reviews, they may not have the experience to respond in a professional manner. Our Reputation Management services can help them chip away at low response rates on leading review networks, freeing up their time to focus on other business initiatives.

Paid Social Management


Paid social media adds another level of complexity to the marketing mix. Paid social is a must for marketers hoping to grow their business through social. However, this LSM tactic requires a more sophisticated marketer, and we see many common issues from multi-location businesses:

  • The local business owner does not know how to run the ads. 
  • Corporate (or current agency) has been running ads on their location’s behalf, however, results have been less than satisfactory.
  • The multi-location marketer knows how to deploy ads, but not ads that are localized at-scale.

Our Paid Social Management services will help solve all of the above, empowering marketers to grow and scale their digital presence and engagement. 

While SOCi Assist cannot fully replace your multi-location business’ LSM efforts, it is designed to supplement an existing strategy to ensure customers are consistently receiving content, review responses, and paid social advertising – every month. To learn more about the SOCi Assist packages for both franchise brand and property management marketers, schedule a meeting with our team below!