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Behind this happy Hawaiian brewing company is a dedicated following that proves the worth of user-generated content (UGC) on social media. Positivity and an island feel are at the heart of the Kona Brewing Co. marketing strategy, and you can see it in every post. UGC can be a cornerstone, or a lava rock in Kona Brewing’s case, in building a well-rounded brand presence.

Craft Beer, Good Vibes, and User-Generated Content: Kona Brewing Co.

User-generated content is driving today’s social media and big brands. Kona Brewing Co. is a perfect example of how users can get involved in big brand marketing. Not only is UGC effective, but 84 percent of millennials also say it affects their purchasing decisions. On top if this, UGC is considered the most noteworthy type of content by 35 percent of people. Instagram, in particular, has turned everyday consumers into free brand representatives. If you use this content to your advantage, you could see a 50-percent increase in engagement on your social campaigns, on average.

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Quality Content and Craft Beer

Kona Brewing Co. is fantastic at making the most of UGC in their marketing strategy on social media. This can easily be seen through the almost 31,000 posts on social media bearing #KonaBrewingCo. Although the content may be generated on one platform, Kona Brewing Co. utilizes these user contributions on multiple platforms, including on Facebook and Twitter, which contributes to consistent brand messaging across all social media channels.

Benefits of UGC on Facebook

Facebook’s recent algorithm update means that your college friend’s engagement post will now be atop your wall instead of the latest post from your favorite multi-national brand. This revelation has put a bad taste in a lot of brand’s mouths and is a sign that a shift in strategy is in order. The answer to this problem comes in the form of a consumer’s picture. User-generated content is beneficial because its hybrid form of branded content and consumer support helps others identify with and trust your brand in a way that money can’t buy.

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There are many ways that brands can collect user-generated content, so they can then re-post it Facebook. For instance, try hosting a contest, during which top fan posts are featured on the brand’s corporate Facebook page. Or, consider hosting a giveaway for someone who submits the most unique photo with your product. There are countless options that are not only easy to put into action, but will also keep costs to a minimum and improve your brand image at the same time.

Considerations for User-Generated Content

Before incorporating UGC into your company’s strategy, there are a few questions that should be asked. Does your brand have a large enough following to be able to start regularly sourcing content from fans? Will this content be relevant to your brand and further your connection with consumers? What unique hashtag will allow your team and fans to identify your brand and easily gather user content? The answers you have to these questions should help you decide if it’s time for your brand to start considering UGC.

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Brands can learn a great deal from this happy Hawaiian brewing company about using UGC to its fullest potential and upholding a positive brand image. In addition to having a quickly growing pool of user-generated content, Kona Brewing Co. is very particular about the user content that it selects in order to stay consistent with their brand image. Their continually upbeat messages and beach-centric content remind us mainlanders to slow down, enjoy life and #DontBlowIt.

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