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How Agencies Can Execute A Successful Social Strategy for Clients


Three out of four consumers say they’ve discovered a new local offering based on recommendations and posts on social media. As a marketing agency working with clients with multiple business locations, you likely understand the importance of social media. 


While you may already be running successful social strategies for your clients, there’s always room for improvement. 


This blog will discuss which social media tactics your agency should leverage to help your clients stand out from competitors. Happy clients can often lead to recurring work for your agency and new customers! Let’s get started. 


Focus on Local 


According to some of SOCi’s data, localized content receives 12x the engagement as content that is not considered localized. If you’re managing a social media strategy for a client with numerous business locations, it’s essential to focus on local marketing. To do so, you must first claim local social pages for your client’s business locations on relevant social media platforms. 


When prioritizing social platforms, Facebook is a must, with 2.96 billion monthly active users. Not only is Facebook the most used social media platform, but it also makes it easy for you to manage multiple store pages simultaneously. Below is an example of a location page on Facebook for one of Nekter’s location pages on Facebook. Nekter is a SOCi client that uses our social software, which we’ll share more about later.

An image of a local store page on Facebook for Nekter Juice Bar


While Facebook is non-negotiable, other social channels to consider are Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok. When deciding where to focus your client’s social efforts, consider their target audience. For instance, TikTok is the most popular social platform among Gen Z, so age should be a deciding factor when choosing which channels to leverage.


Remember, each individual location needs a local social account connected to them. Now that you understand the importance of local, let’s look into the various types of content you can share from your client’s local social accounts. 


Types of Content to Utilize 


Curating local content for each of your client’s business locations is challenging but essential. It’s important to consider your client’s local audience when crafting content to share on social media. 


Local Social Content You Can Draft for Your Clients: 

  • Special promotions or discounts that are happening at a business location
  • Positive customer reviews and user-generated content from local consumers 
  • Pictures of events happening at a local store
  • Current events that are happening in a local area your client’s serve
    • Think of an upcoming 5K run, weather event, or music festival
  • Ways a client’s local business is giving back to the community
  • Recent awards or accolades a business location has received 


While sharing the content listed above is a great place to start, it’s also essential to leverage videos, particularly short-form videos (under 30 seconds) Data from SOCi’s Secrets to Facebook Engagement Report found that posts with videos have twice the correlation with engagement as posts with photos on Facebook. 


Green download button with a mix of black and white text, main mage is a smartphone with Facebook on it


Consider sharing this data with your clients as a conversation starter to begin developing a plan to create video content. Similarly, you must establish a relationship with your clients to understand what is happening in their local stores that your agency can share on local social media. 


If there isn’t an open line of communication, your agency may miss communicating newsworthy information.


For additional insight into the types of content you can leverage for your clients on local social, check out our Localized Social Content Guide.


Green, black, and white download button for SOCi’s Localized Social Content Guide Description: Green, black, and white download button for SOCi’s Localized Social Content Guide


Leverage SOCi’s Local Visibility Snapshot for Agencies 


While the tips above help develop a successful social media strategy for your clients, it’s also helpful to understand what you’re working with. Are your client’s social efforts already driving great results, or are you starting from scratch? That’s where SOCi’s Local Visibility Scorecard for Agencies comes in! 


When used for agencies, SOCi’s Local Visibility Scorecard for Agencies analyzes how existing or potential clients currently perform in different areas of localized marketing, including local social. The scorecard you’ll receive after the audit  analyzes more than 25 metrics related to profile optimization, audience engagement, photo quality, and more in order to rank clients in comparison to other businesses


This is a useful tool for agencies looking to measure the strength of their clients’ local social presence and identify areas of strength and improvement. It also provides you with valuable knowledge you can use to impress your clients and earn their trust. 


Find a Solution To Scale Your Client’s Local Social Efforts 


As mentioned, managing social strategies for numerous clients with multiple business locations is challenging. Finding a tool that helps you manage and implement your social strategies at scale is a must. That’s where SOCi comes in. 


SOCi Social enables agencies to manage and deploy localized social content for clients at scale while maintaining brand consistency at both the enterprise and local levels. SOCi’s searchable content libraries also empower your social media managers to easily find brand-approved content and quickly schedule posts with one click.


SOCi social product on a laptop with a blown-up image of social media posts of a pizza restaurant

With SOCi Social, you can analyze account, group, or location performance to ensure that your client’s content gets high engagement. For additional insight into how SOCi can help your agency execute a successful social strategy for your clients, request a demo today!



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