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Top 5 Benefits Distributor Brands Get From Consolidating Marketing Solutions


As a marketer, you should always look for ways to optimize your marketing efforts and improve your return on investment (ROI).


One of the most valuable ways to consolidate your marketing efforts is through the merging of technology solutions your company currently uses. Many multi-location businesses, including distributor brands, have separate platforms for managing social media, reviews, local pages, and more.


While consolidation might seem scary, it doesn’t have to be! There are ways your company can consolidate its localized marketing efforts while still generating a solid ROI and winning new customers. 


This blog will highlight the top five benefits your company can receive by consolidating your marketing solutions. Let’s get started! 


1. Increased Efficiency 



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Distributor brand companies struggle to market their products across locations and through various dealers and distributors. One of the most significant advantages of consolidating your marketing efforts into a single solution is your ability to increase efficiency. 


Your internal marketing team, dealers, and distributors can save a lot of time and reduce your day-to-day tasks if you don’t have to log in and out of various platforms. You will also decrease the likelihood that one of your tasks will get lost in the shuffle of moving between solutions. 


For instance, with multiple solutions, you may be in the process of adjusting a local page when you get sidetracked and want to send your dealers a local social post. With a consolidated solution, you won’t have to worry about getting pulled away from tasks and letting things fall through the cracks. 


2. More Buy-in From Dealers 


Many local dealers and distributors are often intimidated by a complex marketing strategy and will avoid certain aspects of it. Learning multiple platforms to manage store locators, local pages, and social media efforts can seem daunting, making dealer adoption challenging. A streamlined marketing solution will increase your chances of having dealers and distributors participate in marketing efforts. 


If your company invests in a consolidated solution, it will likely reduce this worry from local dealers. To optimize buy-in, you must make marketing tasks easier for your dealers and distributors. Providing them with one platform that can manage all aspects of their marketing strategy will do so.


It’s also essential for your company to supply dealers with the tools needed to become successful outside of the platform. For instance, consider providing dealers and distributors with a local social strategy they can easily schedule and execute. Our Localized Social Content Guide for Distributor Brands can help provide more detail.


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3. Money Saved on Platform Fees 

Another great advantage of consolidating your marketing tools into a single platform is that you’ll likely save money. Many of us are guilty of sticking with the solutions we’ve used for years because they’re comfortable and don’t require you to research different solutions that may fit your company’s needs or learn a new tool. 


Once you realize all of the benefits a consolidated system can bring to your team and your distributors and dealers, you’ll be more compelled to look into other options. A day or two of research can lead to years of cost and time savings — ultimately boosting your bottom line.


4. Improved Performance 

You’ll often find that consolidating your marketing solutions will also lead to improved performance. Not only does using a single solution allow you to manage all aspects of your marketing strategy within a single platform, but the right solution will also give you performance insights and reporting.


Being able to track how each of your efforts is performing in a more streamlined manner will allow your company to recognize areas that need improvement faster and make optimizations accordingly. 


For instance, if you notice that one dealer’s social content is getting more engagement than another, you can determine the differences between the two and adjust the lower-performing content. 


If your company is consistently optimizing its localized marketing efforts, you’ll see the hard work pay off and see further business performance improvements.


5. Win More Local Customers 


As you’d expect, improved performance results in more local customers. Data has found that localized content performs 12x better than content not considered localized. Emphasizing local content will help your company stand out from competitors.


While a consolidated solution that allows you to optimize your dealer locator and distribute social media locally, your company shouldn’t stop there! 


As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to provide dealers and distributors with the knowledge needed to execute a successful localized marketing strategy. Watch our on-demand webinar for an in-depth look at how to do so.


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Find the Right Marketing Solution for Your Company


As you can see, many benefits come with consolidating your MarTech stack. With so many options, how can you find the right solution for your company? That’s where SOCi comes in! 


From dealer locators to local pages to social media management and beyond, SOCi has you covered every step of the way. SOCi also provides a centralized platform that allows distributor brand marketers to find actionable data and insights from every localized marketing effort.


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For more insight into how SOCi can help you consolidate your marketing efforts and get the most out of your strategy, visit our distributor brands page today!

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