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Originally published at PR Newswire on May 12, 2017.

SAN DIEGO, May 12, 2017/ — SOCi, the enterprise solution for managing social media, adds reputation management to the platform. This feature, known as RepHub, was specially designed to help multi-location businesses improve their ability to manage their online reputation across hundreds of locations under one platform.

SOCi’s all-in-one solution allows organizations to monitor reviews from the top social media and reputation sites, notifying all relevant users in real time when a new interaction occurs. This feature will help multi-location businesses quickly identify an engagement point anywhere in the organization, and track the common sentiment and response performance of each location.

The platform allows businesses to set up custom alerts and email notifications, guaranteeing that all reviews are seen. It also offers insights into response times, and reveals how well a business is replying to both positive and negative reviews across all of its locations. Additionally, each location can be scored by average rating, allowing a business to instantly rank them against each other by performance. Finally, SOCi has an approval workflow that allows multiple members of an organization to be involved in the response to a customer, giving businesses an additional layer of oversight.

“Social media and reviews go hand in hand, especially now that Facebook is the largest review site on the web. I think the main benefit our customers will enjoy is the fact that they can create and categorize an unlimited number of groups for their locations. A CMO or Director of Marketing can quickly see that their San Francisco locations have higher ratings than their San Diego locations and adjust their strategy,” says Jacob Chappell, VP of Sales at SOCi.

Alo Sarv, CTO of SOCi, says, “We always put our customers first and try to develop a tailored experience. In this case, it was about managing online reviews. We wanted to continue to personalize and customize the platform to fit their needs by allowing them to manage both their social and online reputation. We also included enterprise-level tools for reporting and analytics to quickly gain insight across their entire business.”

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