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As a leader in the review and reputation management space, SOCi is continuously updating the platform to meet the changing needs of our users in key verticals. As part of this commitment to our users, SOCi has just announced the inclusion of Modern Message as a supported Review Network.

SOCi’s Modern Message review integration will empower multifamily and student housing customers to manage all their reviews in one dashboard, highlight key review insights and sentiment trends, and introduce review approvals for community managers and admins.

Modern Message is built for property firms to help them increase resident engagement, loyalty, and retention. Known as one of the leading review platforms for the property management industry, Modern Message is innovating new ways to engage with residents and increase retention through a rewards-based engagement platform called Community Rewards. SOCi’s Modern Message Review Integration offers a streamlined way for property management companies to monitor and respond to reviews on all relevant networks, natively within SOCi’s Reputation Manager.

Why Modern Message?

Modern Message is the second fasting growing reviews platform in the market, and more than 532+ property firms actively use Modern Message’s Community Rewards to elevate their resident engagement and loyalty nationwide and in Canada. With over 1.54 million residents posting reviews on Modern Message, this platform is a key component of any property management company’s digital strategy. Communities incentivize residents to leave reviews and engage, and residents then earn points which accumulate and be redeemed for rewards such as gift cards and coupons to local retailers.

What is it and how does it integrate with SOCi?

Reputation Insights



SOCi integration will empower Modern Message customers to save time managing reviews, highlight key review insights and sentiment trends, and introduce review approval workflows for community managers and admins. Learn more about SOCi’s Reputation Insights feature, here.


Reputation Reviews


SOCi’s Modern Message Review Integration pulls in all reviews, and allows direct responses. Additionally, SOCi users can filter by Modern Message reviews, time range, network, star rating, and response status.


Reputation Sentiment


Through our new Modern Message review integration, SOCi users can analyze reputation sentiment across all networks, and filter by Modern Message. In the Sentiment page, users can track and analyze sentiment trends, top keywords mentioned, and word cloud data.

With SOCi’s latest product update, property management companies won’t need to leave SOCi to manage their Modern Message reviews natively, saving time by consolidating all reviews into one easy-to-use platform. Every residential management company and community — including both multifamily and student housing — will be able to leverage SOCi’s Reputation Manager to see and respond to resident reviews submitted through Modern Message.

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