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SOCi X Punchh — What Your Restaurant Brand Needs to Achieve Success


Searches for local places without the qualifier “near me” have grown 150 percent faster than similar searches that do not include “near me.” These “near me” searches are particularly relevant to the food and beverage industry as diners often consider relevance and proximity when searching online. 


Similarly, 94 percent of diners will read a restaurant’s online reviews before deciding where to dine. As a multi-location restaurant brand, a robust online presence is non-negotiable. 


While you likely understand that your restaurant needs a positive presence online, what are you doing to ensure it happens? 


Multi-location restaurant brands need help managing their local digital marketing strategies. Not doing so often results in inefficiencies, multiple data sets, loss of time and resources, and inaccurate location information. 


These problems lead to reduced findability, traffic, and revenue for the brand.

That’s where SOCi, and our recent partnership with Punchh, come in! Within this blog, we’ll share: 

  • Details about the new partnership
  • How Punchh and SOCi can help you dominate your online presence
  • Tips needed to stand out from your competitors online 


Let’s get started! 


Introducing SOCi’s Partnership With Punchh 


Before diving into the partnership, let’s review how SOCi can support multi-location brands. SOCi empowers multi-location marketers with a single platform that helps brands, including restaurants, grow, better manage, and improve efficiencies from a single source.


SOCi has partnered with Punchh, the leader in innovative digital marketing products for physical retailers across the restaurant, convenience store, and grocery verticals, to pass essential data to SOCi’s localized listings management and reviews solutions to help drive visibility, traffic, and ultimately revenue for restaurant brands. In short, this partnership will provide Punchh customers with access to SOCi’s platform to manage local listings and review management strategies.  


This partnership helps food and beverage businesses ensure accurate business information across all brand locations, increases online visibility, and drives traffic to local retailers or restaurants.


A Look Into The Benefits Of the Partnership 


If you still need convincing that Punchh and SOCi fit your restaurant brand, these added benefits will help. Through this partnership, your restaurant brand will gain the following: 


1. Improved Visibility 


With SOCi’s localized listings management solution and Punchh’s engagement platform, you can improve your online visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find and connect with your business. SOCi’s platform helps to ensure your brand is visible on all major search platforms across business locations.


You’ll have one place to enter all location information and collect data!


For additional tips on strengthening your brand’s online visibility, download our Top 10 Things You Should Be Doing in Local SEO NOW guide! 



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2. Increased Traffic and Brand Engagement 


Punchh ratings and review data will be available on the SOCi platform. These data points provide insights into customer behavior and experiences. By leveraging these analytics from Punchh and SOCi, you can understand ratings and review trends better, allowing you to optimize your marketing efforts based on feedback to drive more traffic and brand awareness to your business.


Our Online Reputation Management Guide for Restaurant Brands provides a more detailed look at managing your restaurant’s online reputation effectively. 



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3. Higher Revenue 


By leveraging the data and insights provided by SOCi and Punchh, you can improve your marketing strategies to drive revenue growth for your business.


SOCi and Punchh are focused on helping multi-location brands in the food and beverage industry succeed.


Level-Up Your Restaurant Brand’s Online Presence 


Now that you understand how SOCi and Punchh work together to strengthen your restaurant brand’s online presence and overall marketing strategy, it’s time to start thinking about implementation. 


Again, Punchh helps the world’s biggest restaurant, convenience store, and retail brands acquire and retain customers, increase frequency, and maximize spend through its loyalty and engagement platform. 


SOCi Reviews allows users to view every action taken on reviews to understand which reviews and social engagements are addressed and which ones still require attention to ensure the prompt responses consumers expect. 



Equally as important, SOCi Listings empowers you to manage your business listings at scale and effectively optimize your online presence and local search rankings.


A product image for SOCi Listings

The two platforms combined will make your multi-location brand unstoppable. For a more in-depth look at how Punchh and SOCi can help you dominate online visibility, improve your online reputation, and more, request a demo today!



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As SOCi’s Content Marketing Manager, Darcy Bickham specializes in creating the strategy and developing the content around both localized and digital marketing trends for the SOCi brand. Through her content writing, Darcy has helped to position SOCi as the marketing platform for multi-location brands.

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