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We are so excited (and we just can’t hide it 🙂 ) to announce that SOCi now supports Google+ Pages!


“SOCi’s new Google+ integration continues our mission of being the all-in-one social media platform for business,” said SOCi CEO, Afif Khoury.

“We continue to replace first generation platforms like Hootsuite and Sprout Social by providing tools developed specifically for partners managing hundreds, or even thousands, of social media pages. Integrating our platform with the Google+ API means our partners will be able to reach millions of new customers eager to learn about and connect with their products.”

With our addition of Google+, SOCi is one of a select number of social media marketing platforms that supports the four major social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Why Google+?

Google+ is great for businesses to engage with their customers as well as a powerful tool for local SEO.

As Google+ continues to evolve, it will remain a strong factor in Google’s ranking algorithm as unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google can reliably access Google+ data including social signals (+1’s, shares, etc.) Thus, Google+ will continue to be a critical part of a complete social media and local SEO strategy — needed by the millions of SMB’s in the US.

As we continue to innovate and build the next-generation, all-in-one social media marketing platform, we will always focus on increasing efficiency, scalability, and results for our partners and their clients.


We are dedicated to changing how local businesses, franchises, and affiliates market on social media and will continue to build the best social media and content discovery tool the world has ever seen!  🙂



Much more to come but for now, check out the full press release from PR Newswire here.


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