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Before you know it, 2017 is going to come to a close. Time just seems to keep flying by faster and faster. But with one year ending and another starting, it means it’s time to start planning for 2018.

First on the to-do list, Instagram.

With over 700 million users, Instagram is a growing giant marketers can’t afford to ignore. Social media users today love easily digestible graphics and videos, all things found on the Gram.

[bctt tweet=”With over 700 million users, Instagram is a growing giant marketers can’t afford to ignore.” username=”meetsoci”]

If you’re planning on starting or revamping your Instagram strategy for 2018, keep these 7 statistics handy, because you’re going to need them.

Instagram Statistics to Consider For Your 2018 Strategy

Instagram Logo1: 71% of U.S. businesses are on Instagram. Brands are more active and prominent on Instagram than ever. As of 2017, there are more than 1 million brands sharing and promoting their products and stories on the social network. Guarantee that your business stands out among the rest with intriguing visuals and thought-provoking video.

2: 80% of users follow 1 or more brands on Instagram. Yes, 80%. As more and more brands join the eye-catching social channel, more and more users are connecting.

[bctt tweet=”60% of influencers said that Instagram is the most effective social platform for engaging with audiences” username=”meetsoci”]

Bonus stat: 60% of influencers said that Instagram is the most effective social platform for engaging with audiences. Do not miss out on that.

3: Include a Location tag to receive 79% more engagement. Do you want Instagram users to actually find and engage with your posts? Tag locations. As the number of people who view your content increases, your engagement will too.

4: Instagram photos generate 36% more engagement than videos. You read correctly, photos generate more engagement than videos on Instagram. While this isn’t true for all social channels, it is so on Insta. However, this doesn’t mean that you should only share images. Post a mix of pictures, videos, and boomerangs to keep your followers interested.

Instagram 2018

5: Posts with faces receive 38% more likes. Photos can help humanize even the most corporate of brands. While this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share photos of your products, it does mean that you should try to include people as often as possible.

[bctt tweet=”70% of hashtags on Instagram are branded.” username=”meetsoci”]

6: 70% of hashtags on Instagram are branded. Hashtags help organize conversations and searches on Instagram. Inspire your fans to share their own photos of your products or services by creating a hashtag of your own. Increase your user-generated content and brand advocacy by incorporating hashtags into your posts. #meetsoci

7: Instagram is set to gain $4 billion in mobile ad revenue. If you haven’t started testing and running advertisements on Instagram, 2018 is the time to start. Competition is increasing on Instagram. Drive more traffic to your site and ensure that your content gets seen by running targeted and meaningful ads

8: 60% of Instagram users say they have learned about new products or services on Instagram (G2 Crowd). Brands and franchises should take note – t’s time to share product and service-related posts on the visual platform to connect and engage with your audience who is ready to buy!

Remember, the early bird gets the worm, so start planning your 2018 Instagram strategy now. Refine and refresh as you go to keep fans engaged.

While Instagram is all about photos and videos, captions also play a key component in attracting fans. Get a quick refresher on all the latest social acronyms here.

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