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Make Your Brand A Social Media Star Like Your Favorite Bands

Brace yourself for an influx of glow sticks and flower crowns in your social media feeds, because festival season is in full force! From Outside Lands’ lineup announcement this week to next weekend’s Coachella kick-off, there’s certainly no shortage of savvy crooners to creep on.


We’ve already learned that Taylor can cover her tour via Twitter, and Beyonce can drop a surprise video on Facebook right before her Super Bowl spot, but what can actual brands do on social media to replicate a similar success story to scale?

It’s simple, really – and we’ve narrowed it down to three steps: Show up, keep up, and keep it personal.

1. Show Up

Have you ever been in a relationship where the other person just stops communicating for days, weeks or even months at a time? Whether it be a coworker or closer companion, chances are that relationship ended, and it didn’t end well.

You are also in a relationship with your social media followers. If you don’t show up with new, engaging content on a regular basis, they’re going to back out. You simply can’t disappear and expect to have the same fuzzy feelings reciprocated upon your return.


The reason bands do so well on social media is because they are constantly sharing new stories with their audience. You have followers because they are interested in what your brand has to say, so continuously give them something to talk about.

2. Keep Up

It’s one thing to simply show up – it’s another to actually keep up. The good news is you don’t have to be a Kardashian to make it happen (enter sigh of relief here). Merely make sure you get to know your followers on each of your social channels, as they may vary greatly.

Whether someone mentions your brand in a tweet or comments on your latest Facebook post, respond. Validating your followers with likes, comments and retweets is pivotal for building a lasting relationship.


You can even use these conversations as another form of testimonials for your brand, like Coldplay and Jack Antonoff often do. Showcasing your followers’ feedback benefits both you and them immensely, and you’ll look good doing it.

3. Keep It Personal

No one wants to be in a relationship where they are constantly being sold on something. You must first build a foundation of trust, as your followers thrive on knowing there is a real person behind your brand with whom they can connect. Bands don’t just post when they’re headlining a festival or promoting a new record – they share pieces of their every day lives to keep their audiences’ attention both in and out of the arena.


So, don’t be afraid to dig deeper into your brand’s culture by sharing a video from around the office, or to capitalize on current events with a holiday hello. After all, your followers stay inspired through your input.

Time For The Mic Drop

Successful bands on social media don’t have customers, they have fans. While most brands are aiming to accrue a greater market share, bands just want to satisfy their tribe. Empowering your followers to be a part of your brand’s story goes a long way.


Bands like Incubus and Blink-182 have held fan contests to create their next music videos, and Lady Gaga responds to her fans’ personal stories at her shows with compassion. You, too, can host contests and simply show you care through social conversation.

Don’t think of your followers as customers, think of them as brand advocates. When you think of retention, think relationship. And when you think of your next sale, think of social media – because that is where the conversation is happening, with or without you.

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