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Twitter’s mission is “to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.”

Although many users go on Twitter to seek and share the latest news updates and enjoy laughs from the entertainment milieu, the social networking service is also a dynamic tool for businesses, when used accurately. Twitter can strengthen a business’s branding, develop leads and boost connections with potential clients. However, in order to achieve and reap these benefits, your business must have followers.

Followers are a major asset for enhancing your business. In fact, 75 percent of followers feel more positively about a small or medium business (SMB) once they follow and read its tweets. Increasing your number of followers on Twitter amplifies an interested audience that you can interact with over time. With more than 310 million monthly active users on Twitter, here are three ways you can tap into that vast number and expand your following.

How to Increase Twitter Followers

1. Make sure your content is relevant and captivating!

Formulate tweets that contain content that’s pertinent to your industry. For example, if you manage a restaurant, focus on creating captivating and informative content about your food. The popular and beloved Sprinkles Cupcakes does just that.

Sprinkles Cupcakes Twitter

Sprinkles Cupcakes entices their current followers and attracts new ones by sharing unique information about their specialty cupcake flavor of the day, as shown in the tweet above. By sharing this secret information exclusively on Twitter (rather than on their website), users are inclined to follow the Sprinkles account in order to receive the latest updates and offers.

In addition, Sprinkles Cupcakes is advertising a product that is relevant to the current season. They incorporate a summer vibe, not only in their chosen ingredients, but also in their photo, thanks to the use of decorative and edible palm trees.

Also of importance: Imagery in a tweet attracts followers. According to research, tweets that contain photos get 313-percent more engagement! Including an appropriate, appealing photo in your tweets leads to more engagement than posting a tweet without an image does.

With an intriguing photo and creative intro copy, your tweets will grab the attention of new followers and provoke users to retweet your tweets to the masses, thus garnering further exposure for your business.

2. Set up a followers campaign.

When conducting a campaign to engage followers, it is crucial to give users a valid reason to hit that follow button. You can acquire new followers by sharing information about a discount, updates on new products or data about your industry.

An example of a tweet that reached out to followers by sharing discount information is one by Filinvest Group, a residential property developer in the Philippines.

Filinvest Group Twitter

As shown in their tweet, they are reaching their audience by mentioning a current deal they are offering and prompting users to follow them for future updates. Once new users follow their account, they will experience convenience with real-time updates on their latest promotions and news, which will, in turn, propel business for Filinvest Group.

Another way to gain followers is by notifying users of a new product. For example, Free People does this by sharing their latest tote. They lure in users with a grand reveal and imply that their product is a must-have. The announcement of their new tote brings users to their Twitter to browse their tweets for more updates on their products.

Free People Twitter

Users love being informed about compelling discounts and new commodities. Executing an effective followers campaign that incorporates these methods will excite users to follow you, so they can stay up to date and in the know.

3. Use a social media management tool.

By using a social media management platform, you will be able to efficiently schedule out posts. Maintaining a regular schedule for posts improves engagement and visibility, which also helps increase your number of followers.

SOCi platform

With SOCi, you can choose the day and time that you would like for your posts to be published. You can either publish posts immediately or schedule them ahead of time. The platform also allows you to choose a “Peak Time,” which will schedule a post to go out at the time that has been proved to attract the most visibility.

SOCi platform

The easy-to-use scheduler allows you to organize content and stay on a consistent posting plan. By working with SOCi, your social media management will never miss a beat. In fact, you’ll enjoy creating enthralling content that will surge your business and followers.

Increasing your amount of Twitter followers is simple when carrying out these 3 strategies that have been mentioned. SOCi is an expert at boosting engagement and following on social media. Are you ready to increase your number of followers on Twitter? Contact us today and we’ll help you get rolling.

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