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July has finally arrived which means it’s time for picnics, beach days and fun in the sun. But it’s also the perfect time to give your social content strategy a makeover.

According to, the best time for potential residents to look for a new community is in the summer months. However, summer is also the time where they have the most options. Make sure that your apartments stand out with a stellar social strategy. The sun is shining bright and your social content should, too!

Summer Social Content Tactics for Multifamily

Dive Right Into Your Amenities

Summer is the season for fun and games. Showcase that your apartment community is the perfect setting for this by casting a ray of sunlight on your amenities. Craft social posts that feature a classic summer activity paired with one of your community offerings. Here are a few examples using some of the most popular apartment amenities:



Barbecue Grills:


Resident Center:


Besides summer fun, people love to set summer goals. If your community has a fitness center, tennis court, or anything that promotes physical activity, be sure to share that as well.

Fitness Center:


Residents often don’t like to leave their homes if they don’t need to. These posts will show potential renters that everything they need and want for their summer experience is offered at your community. It will also remind your current residents and social followers of all the amenities that they have within their reach, getting them excited about your apartment homes again.

Summer Sips & Snacks

Appeal to future residents by showing them what they can make in the comfort of one of your homes. Post summer-forward recipes for your residents to make and try. Nothing says summer more than amazing food and refreshing drinks. Use these posts to promote the appliances that are offered in your homes as well.


This is another chance to highlight the experiences that residents can create within your community. When posting fun recipes, mention in the copy that residents can make these dishes for summer brunches, movie nights and more. Paint a picture of what life is like in your community so future residents know what to expect.

Relaxing Decor

With a new season comes a chance to give your apartment a new look and feel. Share summer decor and DIY tips on your profile to inspire current residents to give their apartments a new feel, and give potential residents interior design ideas for when they do move in.


Posts like this give you the chance to demonstrate how spacious your floor plans are. Be sure to show future community members the different ways they can arrange and lay out their furniture. This will get them thinking about how they should organize their rooms while they tour your apartments.

You can also collect summer decor photos from your current apartment dwellers by running a contest on your social channels. Ask your followers to share photos of their best summer decor for a gift card or tickets to a local event. This will turn them into advocates for your homes and allow you to repost credible user-generated content.

Local Living

Summer is also the time of fairs, concerts, movies and more! While there are an immense amount of activities that residents can do within community grounds, there will surely be unmissable summer events that will only stick around for the season.

Residing in a lively area is a very important factor for those looking to move. Catch their attention by sharing local events or attractions within your city. This could include anything from parks and beaches to festivals and fairs. Be sure to share events that would align with your target resident group, as you probably wouldn’t want to share summer happy hour events for a senior audience.

We wait all year for the long, hot days of summer, and nothing makes the season more exciting than moving into a brand new apartment. Implement these content strategies to bring in new residents and keep the current ones happy.

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