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It’s no secret that most of us think that the LinkedIn platform is strictly for job-hunters. What several businesses don’t know, is that LinkedIn is actually a great platform for B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) relations.

At this point, your business might have a stellar strategy and following on Facebook and Twitter. So how will you do the same for LinkedIn? Luckily, we’re here to tell you 4 tips for growing your business on LinkedIn.

Tips to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

1. Set Up Your Page For Success

When creating your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus pages, you always want to ensure that you have brand consistency and proper keywords across each platform, right? Then why not do the same for LinkedIn? When you are filling out your information on the platform, make sure that your details match with your other networks (including your website). For example, your address, phone number, and your name should all match exactly, down to the punctuation, with your main page. This adjustment can help your LinkedIn page rank higher on Google search.

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Not only should you keep the details the same across your platforms, but you should also make sure to fill as much information as you can on LinkedIn, while occasionally using keywords. For best SEO practices, incorporate these keywords throughout your company description, with some variety. For example, if your profile is for an apartment community in New York, you can use “apartments in New York” or “New York apartments” in your descriptions. Or, if you’re in the social media industry, you can use keywords such as “Social Media Marketing” or “Social Media Management” in your description as well.

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Overall, having a detailed company profile will give your page authenticity. Users on LinkedIn also generally tend to take more interest in descriptions than they would on Facebook or Twitter so it’s important to tell them everything you can about your business.

2. Cater Your Content to Your LinkedIn Audience

You’ve set up your page, and now you need to plan your content strategy. On Facebook and Twitter, content is usually about catching the user’s attention with funny, or compelling graphics. This strategy works for these platforms because the audiences are generally seeking entertainment. On LinkedIn, users mean business, and might be more interested in content that highlight industry trends or professional advice.

One way you can increase traffic to your page is to share and post thought-provoking, yet snackable and valuable content that relates to your industry. You want to ensure that your content is not only relevant, but quick and simple to consume. For example, if you’re in the apartment industry, you can post an article about how to market to renters. Not only will this keep you active on a follower’s newsfeed, but it will show them that you are keeping an eye on current industry trends.

3. Update Your Status

One of the most underrated, yet important, LinkedIn tips is definitely the status update. Frequently updating your status can help you stay in front of your audience. Currently, the button is called “Share an update” where you can post an article, write your copy, and choose who the post will be shared with; All your followers, or your targeted audience.

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Writing copy for your LinkedIn updates is similar to writing copy for your other platforms. For example, you should always make sure to include a clear call to action (CTA) and a compelling image. Because LinkedIn articles tend to be more business-oriented, however, it’s important to keep the conversation going with your audience. You can do so by including thought-provoking questions in your copy that would encourage audience involvement. This way, you’re not only creating a dialogue with potential followers, but you’re increasing your brand’s overall authenticity.

Although most companies on LinkedIn tend to share blogs and articles with their users, it’s important to see the value in video content. One of the best features of LinkedIn is that videos play on the user’s newsfeed as they scroll past it. In general, across most social media platforms, video tends to perform well. Then why not apply the same practice to LinkedIn? In fact, posts that link to Youtube videos have a 75% higher share rate than those with photos.

4. Feature Targeted Groups

People will want to connect with those they trust or can relate to. It’s just how it is. One way to do this on LinkedIn is to feature groups on your profile. Featuring groups on your page can help showcase your company’s credibility and understanding of your industry. It shows users that your brand is constantly in the loop, and is actively engaging with targeted users. Another great reason to feature groups is to highlight various specialties that your company has. For example, featuring a social media management group can tell a user that your company has some expertise in the area.

Bonus Tip: Master LinkedIn’s Advertising Options

LinkedIn’s paid advertising is a great option if you want to prospect for new leads. LinkedIn offers Sponsored Updates to raise brand awareness, build relationships, and drive quality leads. Similar to Facebook’s Boosted Posts, you can extend your reach and appear in user’s newsfeeds just like regular content without interfering the user experience.

Because the platform is career-focused, advertising on LinkedIn allows your business to reach those with specific skill-sets in certain industries or roles. This can give you a wider range of quality targeting options than Twitter or Facebook.

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn’s platform has been known to be strictly for job seekers. However, more and more businesses are realizing something: Using Facebook and Twitter is a great way to get exposure, but using LinkedIn is a great way to network, or even to create leads. So the next time you log into your business’s LinkedIn account, try implementing these tips. They might just give you the edge to beat your competition.

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