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The air is starting to cool; the leaves have begun changing colors and, just like that, holiday season is approaching. First up: spooky, spine-chilling Halloween!

Halloween may be famous for goblins, ghosts and ghouls, but it is also known to attract consumers, consumers and more consumers who are looking to purchase Halloween costumes, decorations, accessories and more. Did you know that, in 2015, 157 million Americans planned to celebrate Halloween, spending a total of $6.9 billion? It’s also the second biggest holiday celebrated in America.

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time for you to set up a spooktacular social strategy! Here are four social media tricks that are guaranteed to reward you with some engaging treats.

No.1: Get in the Spirit!

One of the best aspects of going shopping during October is experiencing the Halloween atmosphere throughout the storefronts. We all know that the spooky season is near when we walk into a brick-and-mortar establishment that is covered with cobwebs, skeletons, Jack-o’-lanterns and more.

Party City Halloween Cover Image

Ensure your social platforms exude the same spooky vibe by changing your profile and cover photos. Give your logo a Halloween makeover by temporarily changing the font or by simply putting it over an eerie background. You can also put spiderwebs or translucent ghosts on the corners of each image you post that month.

Halloween—and other holidays or special occasions—also provides a good opportunity for you to demonstrate your company’s personality. Become more relatable to your audience by sharing photos of your team, office pet or even yourself dressed up in costume. People want to get to know the faces behind the business, and this is the perfect way to let them do that.

No. 2: Draw Inspiration From Scary Movies

Whether it’s visiting a haunted house or checking out the latest horror film, it’s undeniable that some people love getting spooked. You can bet consumers will be re-watching their favorite horror films to get into the Halloween spirit, so why not make your product part of the conversation?

Make your social campaign more relatable by re-creating a famous horror scene and putting your product on center stage. Carrie, Nightmare on Elm Street and Child’s Play are just a few of the horror movies that have transcended the years. Take a look at Tide’s 2013 adaptation of Carrie below:



While you can copy Tide’s method of making short videos, you don’t have too. Another way of implementing this strategy would be to create graphics with distinctive backgrounds from the film and sneaking your product into the scene. Scheduling content can be scary; make it easy by breaking up a classic Halloween film into five different graphics and then post one a day. This will give your community something to look forward while also providing an interesting story to follow.

No. 3: Make Your Product Part of the Plan

Halloween is a time for all types of DIYs. People love constructing their own costumes, decorations and even haunted houses. Help inspire their creativity by posting a series of how-tos on your social channels. Show your targeted demographic how your product can enhance their Halloween festivities.

Cotton DIY Costume

If you offer accessories, for instance, demonstrate how your audience can incorporate them into their Halloween costume as the perfect finishing touch. Or, perhaps you sell food items that could be used to transform a classic dessert into a spooky one.

Star Wars Rey Costume Breakdown

Holidays are about creating new experiences to make unforgettable memories. Showing consumers how your products play a part in creating those new experiences will ultimately help boost holiday sales.

No. 4: Create a Hashtag

After they have finished their DIYs, invite your customers to share their scary or spooky masterpiece with you on social media. Start a #HalloweenHashtag so you can track the entries you receive, and retweet or share the best of the bunch.

NHL Halloween Pumpkin

Utilizing this user-generated content (UGC) may mean that you don’t have to produce as much of your own content for Halloween, and, thanks to the client entries, you’ll still be able to promote quality images that support your brand. Consumers also love when companies recognize their work, whether it is through a retweet, Like or share. This often encourages them to proclaim their love for the company on social media, persuading their personal followers to check out your company as well.

While Halloween may be scary, tackling your social media shouldn’t be! Which one of these strategies will you be implementing? Tweet us @meetsoci!

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