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As social media managers, we are generally thrilled that our position involves discovering adorable pet photos, encountering interesting (and sometimes questionable) comments and creating catchy content that appeals to our targeted audiences. However, there are some aspects of our role that make us repeatedly face-palm ourselves.

In this blog post, we’ll share common social media headaches that we often come across. For those who posts on social media on behalf of your business or apartment community, take notes.

Over-Scheduling Content

You know that company who posts an excessive number of updates? Don’t be that company.
Over scheduling on social media
Best practices for posting on social media vary, depending on the network, the time of day and the day of the week. When you post too often, you risk damaging your credibility. Instead of your audience seeing your statuses as important updates, they may start to ignore and/or block you from their feed altogether.

Managing Multiple Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, there are more social media networks that exist than a person can count on their fingers. Signing in and updating every single account gets old, quickly. Fortunately, if you have a robust social media management tool, you can update all your social channels at once.

Unanswered Reviews

It’s important to say hello from the other side of the screen. Don’t let any reviews go unanswered, whether they are good or bad. If a customer leaves a good review, it’s best to thank them for their business and build a solid customer-client relationship.

If it’s a bad review, it’s common courtesy to respond and figure out how to improve the customer’s experience. Not only will the reviewer be happy you reached out to solve the problem, but others reading the review (and your response) will also make a mental note of how your business handled the situation.

Statistics of consumers that rely on online reviews
Reviews that go without a response make the company may seem like the business doesn’t care about their consumers. The statistics above prove that your online image matters. If you don’t have time to take care of things on the customer service side, some companies offer reputation management.

Never-Ending Notifications

You know how you get excited when you receive numerous Likes and comments on your personal social media account? We recognize that it’s harder to be thrilled about the abundance of social media notifications that businesses get because it often indicates that customers have comments or questions that need immediate responses.

We also realize that it’s especially disconcerting to get so many notifications when you have to log in individually to each social platform in order to review and respond to these questions and comments. Find a tool with a centralized listening center, where you could track all comments and respond to each accordingly.

Excessive Punctuation and Grammar

Comic about using excessive exclamation marks
We get it: You’re really pumped for your event or promotion, but using more than one exclamation mark in your post is about five too many. Proper formatting speaks to your credibility as a company and brand. You don’t see Starbucks using an exorbitant number of exclamation marks, and they’re doing great.

Hashtag Overkill

#ThereAreSomePeopleWhoStillThinkThisIsOkay. You know who you are. Stop it.

Let’s refresh: Hashtags are meant to group all the public conversations about a single subject together, or add an underlying meaning/tone to a statement. Avoid tacking them to the beginning of every sentence or word, as it defeats the purpose of the hashtag strategy.

Bonus tip: #This #Is #Wrong #Too.

At the end of the day, these hiccups are worth it, because we love our jobs. It’s hard to stay frustrated when you get to sort through hilarious pet photos to share with your audience.Example of pet post

Not to mention, as lucky social media managers here at SOCi, using our own software platform relieves us of all of these struggles. Chat with us to learn how to get on our level of easy social media management.

What are some other social media management problems you’ve dealt with? We’d love to hear your stories!

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