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Social media is easily one of the most effective marketing strategies you can implement for your company. It can cost very little while leaving you with a large amount of leads, rendering a high social media ROI.

After you’ve developed a method for tracking your social media ROI, you’ll want to see it increasing month over month. But how do you get to that higher level of social media ROI? By implementing a few simple but effective content techniques.

Customize Content

Create content for the audience you want to have. If you’re a crossfit gym, it won’t do you much good to have an audience of yogis since a yogi is not likely to buy into your service. When you’re laying out your content strategy, make sure to include posts about your business as well as posts that your target audience will relate to.


For a crossfit gym, you could post articles about the correct form for certain types of lifts. Now your audience will see a post about something they’re interested in with your company’s name next to it. Even just associating your company name with something informational or entertaining that they saw could have a positive impact on your social media ROI.

If you don’t have a platform that scores your content for you, you’re going to want to test content on different audiences. To get the most customized content to the right audience try testing different phrases, tones and images. This way you can nail down what your target audience wants to see from you.

Focus on Community

The whole reason anyone is on social media in the first place is because it provides a sense of community. Lucky for you, you can create a community around your brand or business! You can create a community by posting content related to your industry. Post about industry trends and news so your audience looks to your social networks as a reliable source for their interest.

Once you have your audience’s attention and trust, it will be easy to convert those fans into leads. People want to spend their time and money on companies that they feel they can rely on. If they can rely on you to give them interesting and high quality content, they can rely on your products or services.Social-Media-ROI-Community

Make it Easy to Engage

The simplest way to get a social media user to engage with you is by asking them a question. Remember, they’re on social media to share their thoughts and opinions, so give them the opportunity to by asking them questions.

The more direct the, question the better. You could even give them an A or B option. Going back to the crossfit example, “Do you prefer squats or deadlifts?” would be something your audience could easily comment on with a quick answer.


When your audience is engaging with your post it opens up the door for you to start a conversation with them. Those conversations can turn into relationships and all of the sudden you have a new lead!

It’s easy to see how social media ROI can be increased by just making a few tweaks to your content strategy. Focusing on your audience’s interests will drive them to engage with you and open up doors to develop a rapport with potential customers. Creating a social community around your brand is another key way to bring in leads, and if you’re really doing a good job of building a community, your fans will tell their friends to check out your company!

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