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Have you ever wondered what content is performing better? Or who in your multi-location business is killing it at social? SOCi can tell you!

With our proprietary SOCi Score, we can tell you what content is working best for your business through determining what content your customers like the most. Additionally, the score showcases which of your locations is doing the best job at engaging their customers. 

Through the launch of the new SOCi Score, it is yet another way that SOCi is delivering valuable insight into how you can maximize your localized social marketing efforts.

What is the SOCi Score?

The proprietary SOCi Score utilizes a unique algorithm to rank your Facebook post performance by capturing high vs. low-level engagements and the ratio of fans who viewed your posts. SOCi Score quickly elevates how customers are engaging with your posts and enables you to share top-performing content across all your locations to drive meaningful engagements.

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Why did SOCi develop the SOCi Score?

Organic reach and engagement on social is not dead. Although marketers prefer the paid approach to Facebook, there are still ways marketers can increase organic reach. After all, an increase in high-value engagements with your local community leads to an increase in reach for your organic posts. 

According to our State of the Market report, we have seen organic reach be as low as < 1 percent of Page followers but as high as 10 percent if your posts get high-value engagement from your Page followers. Ten percent of your Page followers doesn’t match the reach and engagement Facebook users saw before the algorithm changes in 2018. However, you should make every effort to encourage these high-value engagements on organic content to reach the maximum percentage of your audience. 

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However, measuring what a “successful” social post is, and what about the post made it successful can be tricky for marketers to determine. Enter, SOCi Score. 

How does the SOCi Score work?

The SOCi Score takes into account engagements, which we weight differently by type, and how many of your fans saw your post. For posts that have little to no engagement, we also factor the magnitude of a post’s reach. We have aligned the score with Facebook’s current mission to bring more people together. In doing so, we are focused on rewarding Facebook posts that strive for “active” engagements or interactions. 

“Today, we use signals like how many people react to, comment on, or share posts to determine how high they appear in News Feed. Pages making posts that people generally don’t react to or comment on could see the biggest decreases in distribution. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect” – Facebook 

For more information, check out Facebook’s blog post

How should I use the SOCi Score?

We developed our proprietary SOCi Score to empower corporate and local managers to discover top industry content, analyze their Facebook post performance, and share top-performing content with other local managers. Here are some key benefits to using the SOCi Score:

  • Quickly gauge how all your posts are performing
  • Track and rank post performance by location
  • Track how customers are engaging with your posts
  • Share top performing posts across all your locations

Part of a diversified localized social marketing strategy is incorporating localized content that encourages engagement through organic efforts. The SOCi Score is yet another tool for marketers to elevate their organic social marketing efforts to maximize the engagement and reach, which will further the results for your multi-location business.

To learn more about SOCi and the new SOCi Score, request your demo today. 

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