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How can marketers segment one of the most diverse industries in the world?

The automotive industry’s presence on social media is one of the most varied, complex segments a marketer can look to. Because cars and automotive-maintenance are just as much lifestyles as they are monetary drivers of the service industry, their reach online extends anywhere from gearheads, to speed-racers, to design and engineering enthusiasts. This wide reach can be a nightmare for social media marketers as they try to curate and craft content that speaks to all of these audiences at once

So how can marketers for multi-location auto-service brands scale their efforts to reach local audiences more effectively? SOCi experts Jacob Chappell and Will Price discuss in a new webinar titled The Science of Engaging Your Local Audience Using Social Media – Automotive Edition.


The State of Automotive on Social

Let’s take a look at some numbers. As of May 2018, these are the top Instagram hashtags for the auto industry:

#cars – 31,597,020 posts

#carporn – 15,389,070 posts

#motorcycle – 12,577,802 posts

So what does success on social media look like for the automotive industry? Jacob and Will gave us some insight into how fans interact with their favorite brands on social.


Subaru USA uses their specific fanbase to provide them with user-generated content that sparks conversations between other members of the “club” who love their Subaru. By cashing in on their already strong brand loyalty, they have garnered a network of 443k followers on Instagram.


The Twitter account @BadF1Stats plays on the “in-the-know” aspect of their audience to develop jokes that only members of the F1 subculture will understand. Playing on this feeling of exclusivity only adds to the fun.


Facebook is where multi-location businesses really have the opportunity to shine with the content they share. Through highlighting important information using Facebook’s “pinned” feature, as well as re-sharing content from your local audience and by posting content relevant to your local audience, you’re creating a community on your local page, rather than just gaining ghost followers who never interact with your business.


Social Media is a Service Industry Necessity

In addition to providing branding opportunities, social media also connects customers with other potential consumers through online reviews. Online reviews are essential to the success of multi-location service-industry businesses. For example, half a star difference on Yelp can increase business by 27%. When your business is providing great service to the local community, the more people you can reach with positive reviews, the better. 80% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, making this kind of feedback vital to your business.


Through visual highlights, location tagging, and hashtags, auto-service providers also have the opportunity to take part in their community online. This creates the kind of loyal following at the local level that leads to major brand success down the line like we see with AutoZone’s #getinthezone campaign. Think of it as the grassroots strategy to social media success.


How to Establish Your Social Media Profiles

#1: Your Username – Enter the name you want to be found under in search

#2: Profile Picture – Best practice is to use your business logo

#3: Your Cover Photo – Get people familiar with your location! Use a hero-image of where you are that will be recognizable to your community.

#4: Your Bio – If you have corporate specified language- don’t break the mold.

#5: Privacy Settings – It may seem obvious, but make sure your profile is public

Once you’ve got the basics set up, you can boost the appearance of your social profiles in small ways throughout the year. Creating seasonal cover images, adding contact and review buttons, and creating buzz with ad campaigns can show customers that you’re actively using your social media profiles and encourage their engagement on your page.


The automotive service industry has great opportunity to shine on social media. Want to learn more about engaging your local audience online? Check out the full webinar.

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