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The Death of Facebook Organic Reach & What it Means for Multi-Location Brands

The Death of Facebook Organic Reach & What it Means for Multi-Location Brands

In case you’ve been without Internet, holed up in a cave, or somehow just missed the biggest news of the Social Media world since the invention of the Like Button, Facebook recently made some changes that mean big things for businesses using the social media platform.

Recently, The Local Search Association hosted SOCi’s CRO Warren Kay who walked through the recent Facebook algorithm update in detail. Give it a listen below. 

Essentially, the Facebook 2018 update means big things for multi-location brands that were used to using metrics such as Likes and Reactions as a way to track content performance. While those indicators are now basically null and void, the update goes on to highlight:

  • Facebook will now prioritize Newsfeed content with more comments and shares over content with more reactions (likes, hearts, etc.)
  • Organic reach for corporate business pages is likely to drop, presenting an opportunity for local business
  • 64% of social marketers plan to increase their Facebook ad budget in 2018
  • Multi-location brands need a strategy for staying on top of their Facebook postings.

Facebook 2018 Update

When you sit back and think about this, it’s actually a good thing for the Facebook experience. While many have come out and said this is a death knell for brands and publishers, it just forces you to think harder and be more cognizant of what you are posting to your location-level pages. Here are a few things to consider regarding the Facebook update:

  • The Facebook Update means it’s a good time to start investing in Facebook Ads.
  • 93% of social marketers are already using Facebook ads, and 64% of those marketers plan to increase ads activity with this update. 
  • Smart social media solutions, like SOCi, can help multi-location brands find relevant and engaging content proven to get more than merely Likes and Reactions. How? Let us show you
  • MAKE EVERY POST COUNT – Publishing content just to publish is no longer going to help, and will most likely just waste your precious time. Know what content will work, where and when. 

Want to learn more about how your multi-location brand can navigate the new waters of Facebook? Give our latest webinar a listen and find out!

And remember: Meaningful content will always reign supreme!

Facebook 2018 Update

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