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White Label Social Media Management Software for Agencies & Resellers


What Is White Label Social Media Management Software?

White label social media management software is software that is produced by another provider and rebranded and resold under your brand. White label services allow you as a reseller to quickly expand your products and services without investing in the time and resources needed to create these services from scratch. In short, white label social media management software allows you to rebrand, mark up, and resell another platform/tool as your own offering.


 White Label Social Media Management Software Overview

For most businesses, maintaining focus on core competencies and client relationships is essential to success. Diverting time and money to specialized software creation that is beyond a company’s expertise area can undermine the ability to deliver on larger, more important business goals. This is where white label social media management comes into play.


White label software allows resellers to expand their offerings and capabilities while continuing to focus on core services and client interactions. A white label software provider plugs in the pieces that a business cannot fill on its own, and does so in a manner that integrates into an existing workflow, fully conforms to the brand, and includes support from the provider.


4 Key Features  to Look for in White Label Social Media Management Software

Broadening your company’s offerings with white label management software has many benefits beyond the generalities of improved efficiency and profitability. For agencies and companies juggling multiple clients or locations, white label social media management software offers many advantages:



   1. Automatic Local Listing Management for Your Customers

Any agency that has managed local listings for its customers knows that automation is a must. A comprehensive white label social media management software will allow you to automate and manage local listings more efficiently across all major sites and platforms. Similarly, the software will allow you to monitor and analyze business listings at all locations, including syncing and updating listings, and getting profile recommendations. Get rid of duplicates, enhance profiles, and improve location visibility at scale.



   2. Scalable Social Media Management (Organic Posts and Ads)

Schedule and publish posts to all major social media platforms via a single interface. White label social media management software makes it easy to manage social media for customers. While there are many platforms out there that let you connect to all the major social sites and schedule posts, it’s key to find a software or platform has all the features you need. For example, how will graphics and assets be stored and managed, and will the software help you accommodate them without having to spend your own time organizing files? Other features to consider in a social media management software include dynamic text/dynamic tagging to make personalized content easier, approval workflows if multiple team members are involved in production, and of course, reporting.


   3. Comprehensive Reporting

Speaking of reporting, any white label social media management software worth considering should have comprehensive reporting features that allow you to create high-level reports for your clients, as well as create detailed reports for your internal teams. These reports help everyone get a more in-depth understanding of performance and inform future strategy.



   4.  The Ability to Offer Reputation Management and Social Listening to Your Customers

Social media listening tools allow you to identify and follow social media reactions and conversations about your customers’ businesses in real time. With this information, you can gather brand intel, avoid brand crises, discover local trends, and understand customer behavior. Layer on reputation management that allows you to monitor and respond to reviews, messages, and questions, and you have a powerful offering for your customers. This is particularly impactful for resellers, as it allows you to offer a completely new, and necessary service to your customers.


How to Choose the Best White Label Social Media Management Software

When choosing a software, organizations should look for features that add new services and offerings to their business without the need to develop products or software. Frictionless connection between partners, vendors, and clients is a key component of building valuable agency offerings. As such, in addition to the specific features listed above, consider these other factors when considering a white label social media management software:


1.   Seamless, Flexible Integration

Hit the ground running with plug and play white label software that does not require complicated configuration or adjustments. Easy setup is ideal for quick adoption and a seamless experience.


Look for a tool with both the integrations you need as well as the support resources you need (such as a support resource to onboard you and support you throughout your use of the tool).


2.   A Responsive Support Team

Your company may need a white label provider with boots-on-the-ground support, marching lockstep with you and your clients. On the other hand, you may need less hands-on guidance. Support and education that zooms in and out to meet your needs is a must.


3.   Swift Scalability

A company with multiple clients and/or multiple locations is going to need white label social media management software that can scale quickly. As more customers or locations are added (or removed), you should be able to easily accommodate this without too much time needed from your current team.


4.   Transparent Pricing

Pricing for services should be considered when researching white label social media management providers. You should be able to get a clear idea of pricing based on your needs from any software provider you speak with.



Learn More About SOCi, the Flexible, Scalable Solution for Agencies and Resellers

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