Leveraging Your Franchise’s Local Presence On Social Media: The Data Marketers Need to Know

August 29, 2019

National franchise brands that use localized social marketing are experiencing 3x the revenue growth of their peers. On September 12th, franchise marketing experts from SOCi are revealing the key strategies that help franchisors.

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  • Capture the most engaged local consumers
  • Widen brand reach at the local and national level
  • Unleash the power of brand authenticity
  • Realize the ROI of localized social marketing

Join us as we dive into the latest data from SOCI’s social media and reputation management platform – providing unique insight into the power of localized social marketing to drive customer engagement.

This webinar will be your go-to resource for local strategies, giving you the know-how to start writing the blueprint for your revamped nationwide franchise marketing plan.

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