Cajas Digital Agency’s new program, Turnkey Social, saw a 35% increase in engagements when using SOCi.

The Challenge

Cajas Digital Agency is a one-stop digital agency that focuses on Digital & Traditional media management in the automotive industry. Cajas Digital Agency has been challenged with creating localized social media content that is achieving engagement, reach and driving traffic in such a competitive space.

The SOCi Solution

Cajas Digital Agency saw the need for localized social marketing with a personal touch and created a new program, Turnkey Social, that focuses on servicing clients with an in-market content curator who visits sites to develop organic storytelling with customer and associate testimonials. Posts that are hyperlocal and share a personal story or ties in with community connections, has proven to increase both reach and engagement on Facebook. Three locations that implemented the hyperlocal strategy with Turnkey Social have seen significant increases in just 30 days reaching more customers on Facebook as well as receiving high-value engagements such as comments and shares.

SOCi Results

Turnkey Social hyper-localized its organic content, which produced immediate results on Facebook.

In 30 days, Cajas Digital Agency’s client growth included an…



Increase in engagement



Increase in impressions



Increase in reach




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