DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen partnered with SOCi across almost 50 locations and strengthened their local online visibility.

The Challenge

As a multi-location brand, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen needed an all-in-one localized marketing solution that would help them optimize their online presence, brand awareness, and online reputation while providing them full control of their local online data.

The SOCi Solution

In just 4 months of utilizing SOCi Listings,DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has seen exponential results. With their newfound power over their local listings, they’ve successfully increased their Facebook and Google engagement which has improved their online visibility, influenced consumer buying decisions, and drove new customers to their locations.

SOCi Results

Through partnering with SOCi, DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen was able to increase their local online visibility. “We’re thrilled with the results we’ve been getting from SOCi.” Emily Ellis, Marketing Coordinator.


In just four months, DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen saw the following areas of improvement…



Increase in clicks to call from Google



Increase in clicks to website from Google



Increase in Facebook engagements




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