Huntington Learning Center leverages SOCi’s Social Solution to increase high-valued engagement on local social efforts.

The Challenge

For 44 years, Huntington Learning Center has been committed to helping students gain the skills, confidence, and motivation to succeed. Amid school closures and distance learning, supporting students and families across the U.S. became even more critical. Huntington Learning Center quickly developed HuntingtonHelps LIVE, an online learning platform designed to virtually provide individualized tutoring and test prep. COVID-19. Huntington Learning Center needed to find a way to get the word out about this new offering to the numerous students and parents they serve at over 300 centers across 41 states.

The SOCi Solution

As a brick and mortar business, pivoting to online learning was essential for Huntington Learning Center to continue to give students the best education possible and realize its vision of world-class student results and franchise profitability. They leveraged SOCi’s local social solution to empower each franchisee to easily share their new virtual offerings within their unique communities. This localized marketing approach led to a 7x increase in their overall post volume and a 132% increase in post engagements!

SOCi Results

“We take a lot of pride in our hard work and commitment to excellence in education. SOCi has made it easy for each franchisee to share that message and develop stronger connections with every unique community we serve.” — Patricia McCabe, Senior Director, Franchise Marketing at Huntington Learning Centers


In 2020, Huntington Learning Center saw the following areas of improvement when it comes to local social…



Increase in post volume



Increase in post engagements



Increase in comments



Increase in shares